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How to open Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests

While it might feel like the Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests are always watching you, simply cast the disillusionment spell to hide from their gaze.

Hogwarts Legacy chests with eyes: a white chest with a large eyeball looking at nearby students

Not sure how to open Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests? There are plenty of objects and items you can’t interact with when you first start playing Hogwarts Legacy, but it won’t take long before you can start collecting every item you find.

One of the objects you’ll certainly run into during your time with the RPG game are eyeball chests, or chests with eyes. Each one of these chests holds 500 Galleons – and is a great way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy – which is enough to buy several Hogwarts Legacy potions, plants and seeds from Dogweed and Deathcap, and much more around Hogsmeade. While it may feel like these chests are always watching you, all you need to do is cast a spell to remain out of sight.

Hogwarts Legacy chest with eyes: the eyeball chest unlocked with an invisible student in front of it

How to open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy

You need access to Disillusionment, one of the unlockable Hogwarts Legacy spells to get past the eyeball chests. While Disillusionment makes your character invisible, you can be spotted if you aren’t trying to be sneaky. Alternatively, you can use invisibility potions, but Disillusionment is much more useful as it doesn’t cost you any Galleons and you always have access to it.

As long as you walk slowly and try to avoid eye contact with the chests with eyes, you should be able to sneak the Galleons out. Don’t worry if the eyeball looks like it’s staring directly at you – if you used the Disillusionment spell outside of the eyeball chest’s vision, the prompt to unlock the chest should appear as you sneak closer to it.

Hogwarts Legacy characters - Sebastian Sallow holding up his wand.

Unlock the Disillusionment spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Disillusionment can be acquired by completing the Secrets of the Restricted Section Hogwarts Legacy quest. This main quest takes you on a trip with Hogwarts Legacy character Sebastian Sallow as you sneak into the restricted section of the library. There’s an eyeball chest located in the restricted section if you want to test your Disillusionment sneak skills out right away.

That’s all you need to open the eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re aiming to find all of the collectibles in the open-world game, we have a guide on Hogwarts Legacy locks where you can learn how to use the Alohomora lock-picking spell. We also have a Hogwarts Legacy Daedalaian keys guide with detailed information on where to find all 16 tokens. Finally, give our best PC games list a read if you want to try out the greatest titles available right now.

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