Hogwarts Legacy animation makes fans happy they delayed the game

A clip of Hogwarts Legacy animation has some fans relieved that Warner Bros. RPG is delayed until 2023, since it's really quite rough

Hogwarts Legacy animation: A young woman and young man wearing black robes look at a plant in awe

A clip of Hogwarts Legacy animation is making the rounds on Reddit, and not exactly for reasons that make the upcoming fantasy game look good. The (very brief) clip shows an NPC student walking along a path outside Hogwarts Castle, and it is, admittedly, very rough. The biggest issue commenters noticed is a backwards slide the character’s dormant foot does when the other one is moving forward, almost like they’re trying to moonwalk.

It’s not the only issue, though. There’s a general sense of heaviness to their movements and an overly deliberate feel to their steps. Most people don’t ponderously lift their legs and set them down with force unless they’re pretending to be some kind of monster or something, and it doesn’t look like this is some elaborate Care of Magical Creatures lesson.

Warner Bros and Avalanche recently announced the Hogwarts Legacy release date is delayed until February instead of releasing around the holiday season/ In the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty small problem that’s likely to get fixed before launch, but it was enough to make most commenters agree that the delay was absolutely worth it.

“I thought it looked a little odd,” one commenter said. “Same here, but now I’m glad that they delayed the game. I’d rather wait 2 months than to see this kinda stuff in game“ another said in response.

Others were willing to see the lighthearted side of things instead of taking it too seriously as a portent for an awkwardly animated game.

“It’s the late 1800s, we don’t know what’s the normal way of walking back then,” one said.

Whatever fixes happen between now and launch, we still probably won’t see  Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy. The RPG takes place over a century before Harry walked the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, but that still leaves plenty of room for other creative callouts to the famous series, from common rooms to historical figures and more.

There’s still plenty of upcoming PC games to get excited about in 2022 though and some of the best RPGs to keep you company until then.

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