All Hogwarts Legacy challenges explained

Everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy challenges, from what kind of tasks you need to complete to any rewards you can get for finishing them.

Want to know more about the Hogwarts Legacy challenges? As if there wasn’t enough to do in your first year as a student at the famed school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, you also have many tasks you can complete. The challenges menu is where you can find all the side quests, field pages, exploration and combat tasks, and quests that need the Room of Requirement to finish.

These Hogwarts Legacy challenges comprise a significant part of the RPG game’s completion criteria. If you’re wondering how long Hogwarts Legacy is and how close you are to finishing everything, this menu will be a good indicator of how far you have to go. There are five different challenge types throughout Hogwarts Legacy, each requiring you to specialise in various activities. Some are combat-focused, while others ask you to travel across the Scottish highlands looking for hidden areas.

Hogwarts Legacy challenge types

Here’s a summary of all five Hogwarts Legacy challenge types, as well as all of the challenges available and how to complete them. The numbers in brackets for each one are the number required to unlock the reward for that tier.

Hogwarts Legacy challenges - the bulk of the available combat challenges.


These challenges require you to master the art of duelling by requiring you to break enemy shields, land a particular incantation a certain number of times, or execute a combination of Hogwarts Legacy spells. You’ll also have to track down and defeat all 21 Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes.

Defeat Dark Wizards

  • Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak (10)
  • Protector’s Ensemble (20)
  • Protego Shielding I gear trait recipe (40)
  • Protego Shielding II gear trait recipe (70)
  • Protego Shielding III gear trait recipe (100)

Defeat Dugbogs

  • Amphibial Protection I gear trait recipe (5)
  • Amphibial Protection II gear trait recipe (10)
  • Amphibial Protection III gear trait recipe (20)

Defeat goblins

  • Goblin-Silver Resistance I gear trait recipe (30)
  • Goblin-Silver Resistance II gear trait recipe (60)
  • Goblin-Silver Resistance III gear trait recipe (100)

Defeat Inferi

  • Necromantic Protection I gear trait recipe (10)
  • Necromantic Protection II gear trait recipe (20)
  • Necromantic Protection III gear trait recipe (36)

Defeat Infamous foes

  • Avenging Wolf mask (3)
  • Avenging Owl mask (6)
  • Avenging Raven mask (12)

Defeat spiders

  • Spider Slayer armour (10)
  • Spider Slayer helmet (20)
  • Anti-Venom I gear trait recipe (40)
  • Anti-Venom II gear trait recipe (70)
  • Anti-Venom III gear trait recipe (100)

Defeat trolls

  • Cushioning I gear trait recipe (5)
  • Cushioning II gear trait recipe (10)
  • Cushioning III gear trait recipe (15)

Defeat mongrels

  • Lupus Protection I gear trait recipe (10)
  • Lupus Protection II gear trait recipe (20)
  • Lupus Protection III gear trait recipe (30)

Complete duelling feats

  • Officer’s Uniform (5)
  • Officer’s Hat (10)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Mask (20)
  • Autumn Festival Coat (32)
  • Demiguise Mask (42)

Enemies are pretty common around the outskirts of Hogwarts. You’ll find Dugbogs near water, goblins near forts, Inferi in graveyards and caves, spiders in forests, mongrels on mountain slopes and forests, and trolls in caves. For the Duelling Feats, it’s best to get into random encounters and complete the duelling feats there, as the enemies are easier to fight than in set sequences.

Hogwarts Legacy challenges - most of the quests challenges in the game.


Challenges in this category will ask you to finish quests in the main story, as well as side quests. Side quests can range from playing a minigame such as Summoner’s Court or fetching items for another student or a teacher. You also get items for completing assignments from your professors.

Complete assignments

  • Top of the Class scarf (2)
  • Top of the Class ensemble (4)
  • Top of the Class cloak (6)

Complete main quests

  • Legendary gloves (2)
  • Legendary cape (4)
  • Legendary armoured attire (6)
  • Legendary mask (8)
  • Stone necklace (14)

Complete side/relationship quests

  • Bookish half-rim spectacles (3)
  • Lucky Leprechaun gloves (6)
  • Lucky Leprechaun hat (10)
  • Lucky Leprechaun ensemble (18)
  • Lucky Leprechaun overcoat (32)

Hogwarts Legacy challenges - a handful of the exploration challenges.


This is more of a catch-all collection of challenges that require you to explore much of the Hogwarts Legacy map. These include finding traces of Ancient Magic, popping balloons, locating all the Hogwarts Legacy landing platforms, and completing Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials, among many others. The exploration challenges will ask you to go far and wide, and you’ll be rewarded for delving into every corner of each region. For example, you can unlock additional styles for your Hogwarts broom by finishing the balloon challenges.

Collect Ancient Magic traces

  • Additional capacity added to your Ancient Magic meter (2)
  • Additional capacity added to your Ancient Magic meter (6)
  • Additional capacity added to your Ancient Magic meter (12)

Pop balloons

  • Night Dancer broom (2 sets)
  • Lickety Swift broom (5 sets)
  • Wild Fire broom (10 sets)
  • Bright Spark broom (15 sets)

Landing platforms

  • Quidditch Captain’s uniform (2)
  • Quidditch Captain’s helmet (4)
  • Quidditch Captain’s gloves (6)
  • Quidditch Captain’s cape (8)

Complete Merlin trials

  • Increased storage for gear (2)
  • Increased storage for gear (6)
  • Increased storage for gear (10)
  • Increased storage for gear (14)
  • Increased storage for gear (20)

Find Astronomy tables

  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s scarf (5)
  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s ensemble (10)
  • Starry-Eyed Seer’s cape (15)

Solve Hogwarts secrets

  • Secret Solver’s bathing costume (1)
  • Tailored tailcoat (2)
  • Fashionable dress robes (3)

Hogwarts Legacy challenges - all of the challenges in the field guide pages section.

Field Guide Pages

The Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide pages challenge section lets you keep tabs on how many pages you’ve picked up on your travels and where. While many of them are flying pages you can use Accio to retrieve, you also have Revelio pages for every key landmark and pages rewarded for reuniting the 15 Lumos moths with all the empty paintings.

Collect Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade

  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster spectacles (2)
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster hat (8)
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster coat (15)
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster ensemble (25)

Collect Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts

  • Hogwarts Regalia spectacles (2)
  • Hogwarts Regalia gloves (8)
  • Hogwarts Regalia hat (15)
  • Hogwarts Regalia coat (25)
  • Hogwarts Regalia ensemble (50)

Collect Field Guide Pages in the Highlands

  • Highland Explorer cap (2)
  • Highland Explorer garb (4)
  • Highland Explorer cloak (8)
  • Highland Explorer gloves (16)

Hogwarts Legacy challenges - most of the challenges unlocked for the Room of Requirement.

Room of Requirement

These challenges revolve around things you can do within the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement, such as upgrading gear and rescuing Hogwarts Legacy beasts. It doesn’t matter if you catch the same beast types; they all count towards this challenge. As for upgrading gear, try to have a few surplus items that you can improve with fewer beast materials to speed through those challenges. Of course, you can always sell them to any vendor afterwards.

Rescue beasts

  • Billywig Hive spellcraft (10)
  • Magic Chime spellcraft (20)
  • Phoenix Statue spellcraft (30)

Breed unique beasts

  • Legendary Masquerade mask (10)

Upgrade your gear

  • Ancient Magic I gear trait recipe (5)
  • Ancient Magic II gear trait recipe (10)
  • Ancient Magic III gear trait recipe (15)

That’s everything there is to know about Hogwarts Legacy challenges. Make sure you read up on Hogwarts Legacy potions and how to unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy, or check out the best Hogwarts Legacy mods for magical and non-magical additions you can make to the Harry Potter game.

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