Hogwarts Legacy classes will be story-driven, fan claims

How will Hogwarts Legacy classes work in the Harry Potter RPG game? Well an unaffiliated software developer has looked at the footage and had a solid guess

: two Hogwarts students brewing some sort of potion using their wands

We still don’t know exactly how Hogwarts Legacy classes will work in the upcoming Harry Potter RPG game. Little snippets of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay have shown off players attending classes, and developer Avalanche Software has given us some information, but not much. This is why a software developer has taken to the internet to outline how they think Hogwarts Legacy classes will work, and it’s an interesting read if nothing else.

Avalanche Software has explained that players will attend classes like Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Potions, and that these are where they can brew Hogwarts Legacy potions and learn spells. But, we still don’t know how classes fit into the gameplay loop.

This is where Reddit user IAmTaka_VG comes in, as the self-described unaffiliated software developer has predicted Hogwarts legacy classes will work. Remember, this isn’t a leak or rumour, just some fun guess work.

The Hogwarts Legacy classes will likely start with a cutscene of the professor starting the lesson and your companion sitting beside you, says IAmTaka_VG, which could then be followed with a specific lesson that ties into your current activity in the game, like a spell to help with the story for example.

Next up there might be a sort of mini-game where the player does a quick button combo or action tied to what they learn in class, to practise in that environment. IAmTaka_VG notes that this shouldn’t be complex, as the developers won’t want players getting stuck on it.

“I cannot stress this enough, getting stuck on a level puzzle is fine, however you do not want your players stuck forever trying to learn an insanely complex button combo or joystick movement as it will immediately be annoying.”

The companion, or another one of the many Hogwarts Legacy characters with a side quest, may then check in during the class and update you on their quest, with the class then ending and maybe letting the player still practise the action learned there before moving on. If you go back and look at some of the Hogwarts legacy classes footage from official trailers, you’ll see that a lot of this at least fits into what we’ve already been shown.

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Players have been curious about how Hogwarts Legacy classes will line up with the school year, and the semi open-world game mechanics, and we might get an answer here. IAmTaka_VG thinks classes will come around when relevant to the story throughout the school year, with us getting less and less as the story progresses, after we’ve learned a lot of the basics near the start of the game.

“I would slowly cut back on the classes more and more. Transitioning to something more specific, like Harry’s private lessons with Dumbledore replacing his classes in the sixth book (not literally but from our point we saw less of his classes).”

What do you think Hogwarts Legacy classes will be like? You can check out the Reddit thread here, otherwise I’m sure we’ll hear more about them in the coming months ahead of release. If you can’t wait for the Hogwarts Legacy release date or even the Hogwarts Legacy early access, there’s even a Hogwarts Legacy fan remake making the rounds, if you want to see what an aspiring indie developer can do with the concept.

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