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Homeworld 3 will add three more playable factions in its first year

The new Homeworld 3 post-launch roadmap is an ambitious one, with three free content drops and three paid DLC expansions in its first year.

Homeworld 3 is gearing up for next month’s launch, and developer Black Bird Interactive has now revealed its post-launch roadmap. It has a lively first year planned, with new content scheduled monthly through August, with more additions arriving later in the year and into 2025.

The Homeworld 3 roadmap is divided roughly half and half between free content updates and paid DLC. The free content will be available to everyone with the base game, and will take the form of new challenges, artifacts, maps, and more for the RTS game‘s co-op mode, War Games.

Each of the paid DLC packs adds a new playable faction, which each have their own unique starting fleets, artifacts and challenges, and emblems.

The roadmap makes clear that War Games is where the developers believe Homeworld 3 will find its staying power. It’s an interesting game mode in which players each handle a fleet to take on increasingly challenging missions, and hold out as long as they can. It has a light roguelike structure, and adding more factions and challenges to it will only make it more interesting.

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