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Here’s the biggest mistake Honkai Star Rail players are making

Many Honkai Star Rail players are making one big mistake, and a streamer who’s adopted the free to play lifestyle explains how to succeed without paying.

Honkai Star Rail F2P advice - Himeko sips a cup of tea

Honkai Star Rail players are prone to one big mistake that’s costing them potential gains. With Honkai Star Rail being a free game, plenty of players are looking for the best Honkai Star Rail characters to use without spending money. However, in pursuing that ideal team, there’s one huge mistake that can be easily fixed to make your whole crew stronger, and it all comes down to respect.

Honkai Star Rail streamer and veteran Genshin Impact player ‘Tectone’ has abandoned the gacha pulling lifestyle and is pursuing a purely free-to-play account in Star Rail. As such, he’s well-positioned to give advice on how to make the most of a F2P Honkai Star Rail account without spending money, and he shares his key tips with a player who, despite having spent money, has what he calls the “worst account” he’s seen.

“Never pull for characters if you can’t respect them,” Tectone says, “I need you to understand this. You have so many characters, but nothing to put on them.” He explains that, while it can be easy to get caught up in chasing after strong names such as Bronya and Clara, you’re much better served taking the time to gear up the characters you already have. The great news is that this advice is just as applicable if you’re someone who does spend money, but it’s even more valuable for those who aren’t.

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“You’re insulting their integrity,” he continues, showing that with just a few tweaks he’s immediately able to apply buffs on the ability tree and with additional traces and relics. A quick scan over the menus reveals numerous red exclamation marks offering currency and material to be claimed, and it’s not long before Tectone has dramatically improved the strength of the team without spending a single penny.

It’s understandable to see players making this kind of mistake – I’ve certainly been guilty of it myself! As in Genshin Impact before it, it’s easy to get caught up in the flash and charisma of Honkai Star Rail’s roster of adorable anime fighters, while even a brief glance at all those item bubbles and numbers just makes your eyes glaze over. But if you truly care about your team, the least you can do is make sure that they’re dressed for success.

Another very helpful tip for F2P players is to make friends – in some areas, including some of the game’s best farming locations, you can click the green button on the set-up screen to pull in a character from a friend. You choose the fighter you’re offering from your Trailblazer profile page, which means that with just a little coordination you can vastly improve both your own grinding potential and that of your pals.

Honkai Star Rail F2P accounts - Xipe, the Harmony, a blue-skinned celestial goddess with white hair

Tectone concludes, “You know what the best characters and the best relics are? The ones that you have. That’s a mentality that I always stick by – never think about what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have.” If those aren’t wise words to live by, whether it’s in Honkai Star Rail or even in real life, then I don’t know what is.

While our Honkai Star Rail tier list is a great way to work out who you should pick for the best Honkai Star Rail team comp, then, remember that you don’t need every last one of those five-stars. Read our full Honkai Star Rail review to see how worthwhile we found its world and characters, and don’t forget to claim those Honkai Star Rail codes too, as they’re a great way for those resources to help turn your faves into dominant forces.