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How to increase Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels

All of the conditions to increase Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels, including the Trailblazer level thresholds and what you can fight during trials.

Want to know how to increase your Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels? In addition to keeping track of your entire party and ensuring they’re fighting fit, there’s another vital level that you’ll want to keep track of. Learning how to increase these equilibrium levels is easy once you know how, but some conditions need fulfilling and tasks to complete before you can gain all the bonuses for levelling it up.

But what exactly are Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels? These act as World Levels do in other RPG games, such as Diablo, in that increasing them gives you better item drops from now more formidable enemies. In addition, they act as a mandatory requirement for starting and completing various tasks in the free PC game, including ascending your unlocked Honkai Star Rail characters.

Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels - two characters wandering around a town near an organ.

How to unlock Honkai Star Rail Trial of the Equilibrium quests

To increase your Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels, you must complete Trial of the Equilibrium quests. To unlock them, you first need to increase your Trailblazer level. For each of the Trailblazer level thresholds you reach, you’ll get a quest to reach the Trial of the Equilibrium Rift. You can track this quest in case you’re unsure where the rift is. At launch, there are a total of six Trials of the Equilibrium, which you can unlock at the following Trailblazer levels:

  • Trial of the Equilibrium 1 – Trailblazer level 20
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 2 – Trailblazer level 30
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 3 – Trailblazer level 40
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 4 – Trailblazer level 50
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 5 – Trailblazer level 60
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 6 – Trailblazer level 65

Upon your arrival, you’ll fight against a gauntlet of monsters you must defeat to get that coveted Honkai Star Rail equilibrium level. While we don’t know what monsters you’ll face in every one of the trials, we have an indication based on the beta, as seen in this video from Devin Money on YouTube, of what an Equilibrium trial may look like:

  • Fight 1 – Ice Out of Space x1 and Everwinter Shadewalker x2
  • Fight 2 – Searing Prowler x1 and Incineration Shadewalker x2

Once you’ve beaten the trial, you’ll unlock Honkai Star Rail equilibrium levels which unlock many new paths. It may be that you wish to ascend your highest-ranking hero, according to our Honkai Star Rail tier list, which you managed to pull from the Honkai Star Rail 1.0 banner. On the other hand, the anime game has plenty to offer, so you may wish to know how Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight works or perhaps why that voice in the Honkai Star Rail cast list sounds so familiar.