Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight explained

Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight is an alternative free currency that allows you to save up for new characters and Light Cones on the Starlight Exchange.

Hook, one of the Honkai Star Rail characters available to pull from Warp banners with the help of Undying Starlight, depicted with wild golden hair and a woolly hat and coat.

What is Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight? Hoyoverse’s interstellar adventure has a wide variety of currencies to collect, and none are as coveted as those used for warping. However, don’t be tempted to dip into premium currencies just for the sake of it. There are plenty of free options on offer that are far healthier for your bank balance, including Undying Starlight.

If Honkai Star Rail is your first brush with Hoyoverse’s infamous monetisation structure, you’d be forgiven for the confusion all these currencies can cause. While Stellar Jade functions as the premium for pulling new characters and weapons from the Honkai Star Rail Warp system, Undying Starlight is a free alternative. Here’s everything you need to know about Undying Starlight before the Honkai Star Rail release date.

What is Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight?

Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight serves as the currency for the Starlight Exchange store, and can be used to purchase the Star Rail Pass and Star Rail Special Pass in the Starlight Exchange. These come at a cost of 20 Undying Starlight each, and are used to pull from Honkai Star Rail banners.

The Starlight Exchange menu, featuring different characters and weapons that can be purchased with Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight.

If you’d rather avoid the gacha system altogether, you can also use Undying Starlight to purchase Honkai Star Rail characters and Light Cones directly from the Starlight Exchange. However, these featured items appear on a rotational basis and can cost a fortune, so it’s important to weigh up how much a specific weapon or character is worth. It’s still early days in the anime game, but our Honkai Star Rail tier list provides some indication of which characters are the best use of your currency.

How to get Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight

You can get Undying Starlight in Honkai Star Rail when pulling Light Cones and character duplicates that are four-star and above. You can consider the latter reward a consolation prize to put towards the chance to pull a new character in your next Warp, making the pain of receiving a duplicate slightly more tolerable in the free PC games.

Here are the Warp banner rewards that provide Undying Starlight:

Rewards Undying Starlight
Four-star Light Cone 8x Undying Starlight
Five-star Light Cone 40x Undying Starlight
Four-star character duplicate 8x Undying Starlight (2nd to 7th pull)
20x Undying Starlight (8th pull onwards)
Five-star character duplicate 40x Undying Starlight (2nd to 7th pull)
100x Undying Starlight (8th pull onwards)

That’s everything you need to know about collecting and spending Honkai Star Rail Undying Starlight. If you’re eager to board Hoyoverse’s steampunk space game, check out the Honkai Star Rail system requirements, as well as how to reroll your very first Warp. Finally, our up-to-date list of Honkai Star Rail codes is sure to give you a leg-up, both at launch and beyond.