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Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes HDR and tidies up a bit

Nixxes' port of Horizon Forbidden West has gotten an update that corrects a few video issues, fixes some crashes, and adds framegen to cutscenes.

a closup of Aloy in the snow from Horizon Forbidden West

By most accounts, the PC port of Horizon Forbidden West is one of the stronger ones in recent memory, but given the vast array of potential PC setups, it was inevitable that a few glitches popped up. Developer Nixxes has now released a patch that corrects a few of these issues and improves the game’s overall stability on PC.

Players with HDR monitors will be pleased to learn that this Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes the issue with the max luminance slider, which means you’ll now be able to properly calibrate the open-world game to your screen’s brightness level.

Hardware editor Samuel Willetts was looking forward to playing Horizon Forbidden West with Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0 features, particularly frame generation, and the latest patch allows that tech to work during cutscenes and while UI elements like the radial weapon wheel are on screen. Another welcome video-related fix is a correction to a mouse cursor offset that would occur on screen resolutions other than 1920×1080 – you’ll now be able to point right at the thing you want to click on, which is always nice.

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Digital photographers should now see the proper prompt for hiding the UI in photo mode, and players using mouse and keyboard controls will now be able to claim rewards at the Hunting Grounds – a bug had been preventing that up til now.

The patch also addresses “various crashes” and makes some stability improvements, which is always nice – even for a game that’s largely been running quite reliably for most players.

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