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League of Legends Arcane collab hinted at for LEC finals

Following the success of League of Legends animated series Arcane, the LEC LoL esports league’s head says it would be “silly” not to team up for season finals.

League of Legends Arcane - Jinx opens her mouth in a wide-eyed yell as she prepares to unleash destruction

Whether you actually play LoL or not, there’s no denying League of Legends Arcane. The Netflix animated series from French studio Fortiche Production is one of the most successful shows on the platform, and saw a wide-ranging appeal outside of the game’s core audience (which, make no mistake, is pretty huge itself). It’s not too surprising, then, to hear that an Arcane collaboration might be in the works for one of the MOBA game’s biggest esports events.

The LEC – that’s the League of Legends EMEA Championship, covering Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – is now in its fifth year, and Riot Games recently announced that it would be hosting the LEC 2023 season finals in Montpellier, southern France. Coincidentally, that happens to be where part of the Fortiche team behind Arcane is located, and the tournament’s commissioner has responded to the natural speculation that followed.

“To be frank, there is no kind of big agenda or reason that connects Fortiche being in Montpellier and us going there,” LEC commissioner Artem Bykov says (via Dot Esports). Nevertheless, he confirms that the team is looking into the potential for a collaboration – saying it would be “silly” not to team up “in one way or another” with Fortiche. After all, what better way to endear passing fans of the show more towards the game itself?

It’d certainly be very cool to see something along the lines of a promotional video for the event created by Fortiche in the style of Arcane. There’s also always potential for new in-game skins to follow on from the previous round of Arcane-themed looks for Vi, Jayce, Jinx, and Ekko. We’d certainly not say no to a full trailer for Arcane season two either – in fact, we’d love a trailer for Arcane season two. Even just a glimpse. Pretty please, Riot?

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