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Life by You mods, support, and wishlist

The world is your oyster with Life by You mods, and the life sim’s modding tools offer all the support you need to create custom content.

A character created using Life by You mods smiles against a backdrop of a winding forest road.

What are the Life by You mods? Publisher Paradox Interactive takes a positive stance on mods across all the games in their portfolio, and the likes of Cities Skylines, Stellaris, and Crusader Kings all have rich modding communities. It stands to reason that Life by You would be no different, and creator Rod Humble has already given his stamp of approval.

The upcoming life game includes built-in tools that allow modders to create custom content for just about anything their heart desires, from build lots to wardrobe customization. Developer Willem Delventhal calls Life by You “one of the most moddable life sims out there” in the official ‘Modding 101’ YouTube series, and we’re inclined to agree. So, whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a mod fanatic, here’s the lowdown on Life by You mod support and the top mods we want to see.

The Life by You mods as they appear in the built-in custom content tools and editor.

How to use Life by You mods

You can access all the Life By You mods and editor tools by selecting ‘Create’ from the main menu. This menu contains all the moddable content and their respective editors, so that you can create custom content with ease.

These built-in tools should be enough for beginners to design recolors of their favorite items and clothing, while more advanced modders can use Unity for more extensive changes. We also expect plenty of external mods to become available for download following the Life by You release date for those who’d prefer to enjoy custom content created by others.

The Life by You mods editor showing the layout of the Cozy Up Cafe, one of the custom businesses.

Life by You mods wishlist

Given the power of the Life By You modding tools, it wouldn’t surprise us to see all of our most wanted mods arrive within the first year. Maybe we need to dream bigger, but our wishlist features mods that would make a big difference to the game without being completely unrealistic.

Here are the Life by You mods we’d like to see:

  • Gridless
  • Alternative housing
  • Sex and relationships
  • Supernatural
  • Visual

Gridless mods

Grids are a staple of life sims, but they’re also the bane of any budding interior decorator’s existence – just look at the popularity of the ‘bb.moveobjects’ Sims 4 cheat if you don’t believe us. The freedom to position items exactly to your preferences can transform the blandest property into a bona fide show home, and there’s no doubt this Life by You mod will be a staple in the community.

One of the possible custom lots that can be creaated via Life by You mods and built-in tools.

Alternative housing mods

Many life sims tend to divide regions into enormous sandbox lots, with plenty of room to create the dwelling of your dreams and a sculpted garden to match. However, this idyllic life of a detached mansion surrounded by wide-open space is a far cry from reality for many. Whether it’s a high-rise apartment or a Victorian terrace, sometimes you want to see how your digital humans manage in pokey living spaces that put them at direct odds with the neighbors. We hope that Life by You mods will allow us to do just that, with all the chaos and conflict that entails.

A character kisses their partner's hand, a relationship that can be enriched by Life by You sex mods.

Sex and relationships mods

If ‘Wicked Whims’ means anything to you, then you know exactly why Life by You can benefit from mods that affect sex, relationships, and everything else it entails. Humble has stated Life by You is “specifically designed” for explicit mods, with the understanding that life sims have long been considered a crucial space for players to explore their sexuality. On that basis, we can only expect mods to continue to liven things up in the various bedrooms of our digital people.

Two characters appear with unnatural, neon pink skin tones that suggest a supernatural element in Life by You mods.

Supernatural mods

Living out your digital life as a regular human is all well and good, but sometimes you get the urge to take a bite out of someone, whether that’s to drink their blood or tear them limb from limb on a full moon. How do you deal with the demon next door when you’re a sea witch in love with your zombie roommate? Hopefully, Life by You mods will give us the chance to play that scenario out in full.

A beachfront with standard visuals that can be enhanced via Life by You mods.

Visual mods

While it’s important to remember that Life by You is an early access title, it’s no secret that visual fidelity has been a common complaint since it was first announced. Paradox is actively working on improvements to 3D models and animations, but we also expect the community to chip in with Life by You mods that ‘beautify’ characters, building materials, and the terrain. It might stretch the Life by You system requirements, but a realistic mod would be music to our ears.

There are plenty more Life by You mods we can dream up as the early access launch date creeps ever closer. For now, check out our favorite games like The Sims to help you pass the time, along with all the Sims 5 mods and Sims 5 cheats we’d like to see once the upcoming PC game finally arrives.