Will there ever be a Minecraft 2?

A Minecraft 2 release date would send the sandbox game's community into meltdown, just like it did when it was teased a few years ago.

Minecraft 2 news

Will there ever be a Minecraft 2? Given the success of the original game, an announcement of a Minecraft 2 release date would send the community into meltdown – and for a good reason.

Minecraft is one of the best PC games of all time with more than 100 million devoted players loading it up every single day. So, it’s not exactly out of the question that Minecraft 2 could happen one day. We already know that Mojang Studios don’t shy away from new titles, adding Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and the ill-fated Minecraft Earth to the roster already. But dedicated fans also know the developers love an April Fool’s prank, which is where the speculation of a Minecraft 2 release date originates.

Just like the infinite snapshot and the retro Minecraft screensaver (true story, I still have the latter equipped on my PC), Minecraft 2.0 was one of Mojang Studios’ infamous April Fool’s pranks. Back in 2013, an announcement was made by the Minecraft developer that a new game was in development, set to “bring blocky simulation games to the next level”. The big reveal was even accompanied by a series of trailers and announcement videos from profilic Youtubers, including Hermits Docm77 and Keralis. While not a new game entirely, Minecraft 2.0 was shown off as a major update to the game, including joke content such as a pink Wither and the ability to overfeed sheep, creating a cute but unhealthily chonky variant.

Just the second April Fool’s prank by the company, you could have been forgiven for believing it at the time. Since then though, fans have come to expect a joke Minecraft announcement on April 1 every year, with them often being playable updates. You can still play the incredible infinite snapshot from April Fool’s day 2020 on Java Edition, and jump through a portal to a crazy new dimension.

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Minecraft 2 wishlist

Despite Minecraft 2.0 being a cruel joke, there is no saying we wouldn’t ever get a sequel to the original Minecraft. So, if there were to ever be a Minecraft 2, what would we want to see added? It’s a difficult call, because so much new content is added to Minecraft with annual updates anyway, but there’s still a few ways we could see Minecraft updated for a second game.

Best Minecraft shaders: the BSL shader shows a lake near a mountain at sunset. Some squid swim in the water.

Prettier graphics

Minecraft 2, if it ever happens, should look much better than the original. Minecraft 2 will, of course, retain the charm of the current version, but with spruced-up visuals to make your sharp-edged masterpiece look even more striking. This would be a no brainer, due to the countless popular Minecraft shaders, such as our favourite BSL Shaders, created by the community, which you can download and play on the original game right now.

Minecraft Mod Jade: An ender chest and the Jade UI showing its contents

An updated UI

Minecraft is a simple game, that’s why we love it, and the UI is just that as well. Again, though, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see more items and options in the menus if a new game was ever announced. Some ideas that already appear in well-loved Minecraft mods include the ability to see what’s in a chest by simply hovering your mouse over it, seen in the Jade mod, or something similar for potions and ingredients.

Minecraft 2 release date and wishlist: we'd like to see more creativity possibilities in a Minecraft sequel, like the options seen in the Decocraft mod, like this dining table and chairs

More creativity

You’d think, especially with the amount of new blocks regularly added to the creative inventory, we’d be happy with the creativity offered by vanilla Minecraft. However, is you really think about it, the simplicity of the game leads to some glaring omissions. Sure, you can make a kind of armchair using wooden slabs and signs, but what if a chair was simply a Minecraft item? Luckily, there are resource packs for that, like Decocraft. We love Minecraft for its very simplicity, which is why, if these item inventories were ever to become official, they’d be better suited to an entirely separate game, giving us the choice between gameplay options.

Minecraft 2 release date and wishlist: An iron catwalk designed in Chisels and Bits mod, which offers additional detailing opportunities than vanilla Minecraft

Smaller blocks

Finally, what about smaller blocks? This is similar to above, adding a new level to the possibilities available to you. Standard Minecraft blocks are currently 16 pixels by 16 pixels, but what if you could also have 1×1, or 5×5, and could build your own items and incredibly detailed builds? Well, surprise, surprise, of course there are mods for that too. One of our favourites is Chisels and Bits, which you can download and play, like most of the aforementioned mods, through Minecraft Forge.

With Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends and the Minecraft 1.20 release date either here or on the horizon, there’s plenty to keep you going. And it’s not like there’s not loads to to the original game feeling fresh, with new Minecraft biomes, and Minecraft mobs added regularly, and plenty of great Minecraft builds to inspire your creativity in the sandbox game’s infinite worlds.