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Minecraft map is officially eighteen times bigger than the Earth

The Minecraft map is officially eighteen times larger than the earth in volume, as a YouTuber discovers all the dangers inside the Mojang sandbox building game

Minecraft map is seven times larger than Earth: This image shows Steve chasing after a cute bee.

Any Minecraft map you generate is innately filled with wonders and dangers. It’s not just things like the standard Minecraft mobs or the Warden; nearly everything around you is dangerous from water, random caves, and gravity itself. The Minecraft map is also, apparently, considerably larger than earth, according to official findings from one investigative YouTuber.

Minecraft is also a sandbox game with its own physics and logic. In real life, you’d probably struggle to punch down a tree, but in Minecraft, it’s basically child’s play and a core tenant of your powers as a playable character. Gravity also only affects certain things, you can breed villagers nearly at will, and magic exists, but there are still plenty of rules the game follows.

It turns out that you can actually figure out a lot about the world, even the stuff it doesn’t tell you, by looking into things enough. Asking someone to think about the size of a Minecraft world or to figure out how heavy items are or how strong gravity isn’t going to yield answers most of the time, but thankfully, Minecraft YouTubers are some of the most intelligent people on the planet.

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In fact, CraftyMasterman has put out a video with a huge breadth of facts about Minecraft worlds, including the fact that they’re roughly eighteen times larger than the Earth in overall volume. If you’ve ever wondered about the strength of a piston, how gravity works in Minecraft, the scale of the game, or basically anything else from a physics standpoint, then this video has you covered.

It also talks more about the sheer dangers of Minecraft Redstone being radioactive, which we talked about a few weeks ago. Maybe going around and mining everything in sight is actually a bad idea, at least without knowing what you’re actually mining. Stick to Minecraft diamonds if you want to stay safe.

If you’d rather ignore physics than learn about them, you should take a look at our Minecraft enchantments guide, because nothing feels better than ignoring the laws of nature. We’ve also got everything you need to know about Minecraft copper, which is a lot safer to work with than Redstone.