Minecraft players are recreating Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road track

Come for the track, stay for the drifts

Minecraft player in a boat, sailing across their recreation of Mario Kart 64's rainbow road. A star looks on encouragingly.

The creative world of Minecraft never ceases to amaze us. There have been plenty of wonderful creations over the course of the past decade. Recently, we’ve seen someone create a bunch of Fall Guys levels, a haunting recreation of Chernobyl, and even the entire Gamescom show floor.

So it’s not entirely surprising that two players are recreating Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road. You know the track: that really long one. Reddit user Mardog101 uploaded some footage of the classic Mario Kart track re-imagined in Mojang’s block builder for us to check out. This Minecraft version of Rainbow Road 64 is not an exact recreation of the original track: it uses boats instead of karts, it’s missing a long right-hand turn, and it has a weird bouncing platform contraption towards the end. However, I would say that this looks more fun, and a hell of a lot more perilous due to a lack of walls!

It’s unclear from the video or Reddit post who designed it, but Soleactor is the player paddling the boat, pulling off sick drifts and managing not to fall off once. It’s likely it was a collaborative effort with the other player – Pinkyy29.

The Reddit post does say that this track is a work in progress, but it is coming along very well. If you want to compare the original track while watching this Minecraft version to see how accurate it is, here’s Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64.

N64 Rainbow Road WIP : Run from r/Minecraft

Iit’s likely it isn’t too difficult to add the floating pictures of the Mario characters dotted around the track. Changing the water into the signature rainbow track, however, sounds like it could be the biggest challenge left. Hopefully we’ll see if and how they complete the track’s construction in the future.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Minecraft seeds or Minecraft mods guides to keep you busy while you wait for this one to be completed.