Minecraft mob piglin can now drop its head in the latest snapshot

The Minecraft mob piglin has been around for a long time, and you can finally acquire its head in the latest snapshot for the sandbox game

Minecraft mob piglin can now drop its head in the latest snapshot. This image shows a Piglin in front of a Minecraft background

The Minecraft mob piglin is one of the most easily recognized creatures in the sandbox game. You see them a lot throughout your time in the game and, aside from being fairly chill, they don’t have much of a presence outside of making the nether a little more uncomfortable. Today, though, the latest Minecraft snapshot wants to know if you’re interested in claiming a piglin head.

If you’re not fairly deep in Minecraft, you might not even know that acquiring the heads of some Minecraft mobs is actually weirdly common. You can get zombie heads, skeleton heads, wither skeleton heads, creeper heads, the ender dragon head, and now this update adds piglin heads to the creepy mix. These heads can be used as decorative blocks, as disguises, or to summon the wither.

It’s not just the head that’s in Minecraft snapshot 22w46a; there’s new functionality too. If you place a Mob Head on a Note Block, then you can now play ambient sounds of that mob when powering the block with redstone. You can puppet the vocal cords of the disembodied head by using an energy source, and to us, that’s pretty unsettling.

If you want to grab yourself a piglin head, you can do so by getting a charged creeper to kill one. Also, if you wear the head, it’ll flap its ears as you walk around. We’re not generally in favour of wearing the heads of things you’ve killed (unless you’re playing a Monster Hunter game) but, hey, Minecraft takes some dark paths as we head towards the Minecraft 1.20 update.

If you’d rather not wear the head of something that died, have a look at the best Minecraft mods instead and wipe this whole thing from your mind. Maybe you should take a visit to the best Minecraft servers to really clean things out.