Minecraft mod YouTuber insists you be hit by an anvil

Minecraft mod YouTubers will keep escalating things and showing off in the sandbox game as long as we keep watching them, which is probably forever

Minecraft Mod Youtuber has created a plethora of silly things. This image shows Wil E Coyote in front of a Minecraft forest.

Minecraft mod YouTubers are all getting into comedy instead of just making useful things. In fact, we’d argue that a lot of the more recent videos like the one that adds in chicken hats and the one that turns swords into helicopters, are more just the YouTubers flexing than anything else.

While the best Minecraft mods are often the ones you can actually use yourself, there’s still a lot of fun to be had when watching some of the more out-there ideas become real. There are plenty of things that are fun to watch but wouldn’t be fun to do yourself, although having an anvil drop on an unsuspecting friend would undoubtedly be entertaining.

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We are once again back with Mysticat, maestro of mischief, for today’s video, where they decide to build the stranger ideas the fans give them. There are things like rocket ships, which works using similar ideas to the Minecraft cars from a few months ago, and then there are far less useful things, like having an anvil spawn in whenever the player jumps. We’re not sure why you’d want an anvil to fall on your every time you jump, but it does make the game feel very Looney Tunes-esque, and that can only ever be a good thing.

One of the least useful is one that just crashes the game whenever you load it. We’re not sure why you’d want that outside of trying to stay away for productivity reasons, but hey. Also, Mysticat points out that Twitter is already available in Minecraft, and as a lot of us use the site regularly, it’s a big old mood.

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