Minecraft mod YouTuber makes anvils bouncy and explosive

This Minecraft mod YouTuber used the sandbox game to create incredibly satisfying new effects all in one entertaining YouTube video

Minecraft mod adds bouncy anvils. This image shows Steve chasing a bee with an Anvil above his head.

The best Minecraft mods can let you do just about anything. You can choose to become a necromancer, specifically for pets, or you can summon tools whenever you need them. Modding is a treasure trove of additional content from quality of life updates to game overhauls, and Minecraft has some of the best in the business.

There’s also a string of Minecraft mods that never really get released into the world, but do end up on YouTube thanks to the clever lot who make them: YouTubers. Because of them, we can witness the glory of an anvil falling from the sky every time you jump, and also things like being able to wear a chicken on your head.

Actually, the person who did the chicken hat video, the wonderful Fundy, is back at it again to make Minecraft “EVEN MORE” satisfying for you. This trend of things becoming satisfying is an odd one, but it basically means adding in cool features or effects that make your brain feel like you’ve just eaten a bar of chocolate while somehow also sleeping. Don’t do that though; definitely not a good idea.

YouTube Thumbnail

Fundy’s latest video has a lot of cool ideas. One of the coolest is the sudden growth tree thing they do, which has trees sprouting into an uncountable number of blocks in all sorts of directions like an eldritch monstrosity. However, our favourite one has to be turning anvils into gravity-defying bouncy explosives. We’re not sure why it needed to happen, but we are glad it did.

If you’d rather start off with smaller game adjustments, then take a look at the best Minecraft texture packs, and the best Minecraft shaders too. Even if you never move on to more substantial changes, just giving Minecraft a new coat of paint can be very satisfying.