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This Minecraft Redstone slot machine is incredibly impressive

Minecraft Redstone can be used to create nearly anything in the sandbox game, so this time around someone's decided to build a slot machine with it

Minecraft Redstone is an undoubtedly impressive material. It can be used to help people build farms and save themselves time or make automatic doors or lifts. There are so many different things that people use it for, that the possibilities are genuinely endless. So someone made a slot machine.

Unlike in real life, where gambling can be incredibly bad for you, gambling with Minecraft diamonds is actually a fair bit of fun, because the only thing you’re really risking is time. We could go on a big philosophical discussion about whether or not time is something you should be risking, but we’ll leave that up to you next time you’re staring at the ceiling struggling to sleep.

Minecraft Redstone Slot machine. This image shows the fan-made slot machine while the player holds a diamond.

NilsGotSkills posted a video of the Redstone slot machine on Reddit, and it looks surprisingly easy to use, although we suspect it’s a demon to build. All you have to do is put three diamonds into the slot, push the button, and then grab the rewards if you actually manage to win. It’s not the first of its kind we’ve seen built in Minecraft, but it’s by far the most complete.

Just keep in mind that even NilsGotSkills took a few attempts to actually win, so don’t expect things to be easy. The whole thing works alongside some truly satisfying sound effects. The only downside is that there’s nothing to really stop you from stealing all of the diamonds for yourself, but if anything, that means you don’t have to worry about losing them. If you want to try it out, you can download it via MediaFire.

If you’re interested in the odds you can expect, NilsGotSkills notes that they attempted to replicate the chances of winning at a real casino, saying “I made it so you lose a little bit of money on average so you keep playing but you still lose in the end, just like in real casinos.” Devious.

I made a redstone slot machine in Minecraft! from Minecraft

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