Minecraft and The Purge are together at last

We're not sure Minecraft and The Purge actually needed to come together, but the essence of any good sandbox game is freedom, and a dose of horror

This Minecraft YouTuber recreated The Purge in the game. The image shows a creepy mask in front of a Minecraft village.

Minecraft and The Purge are separate for a wide range of good reasons. While the primo sandbox game certainly allows for a lot of freedom, it’s still a game mostly for kids, so The Purge doesn’t necessarily slot in. The internet can’t be controlled, though, and that’s why someone made a video fusing the two.

We’re obviously not saying you shouldn’t recreate The Purge in Minecraft. Everyone has their own way of enjoying the game. Take the person who’s nearly done with mining an entire Minecraft map after five years, or the people who recreated MS Paint using Redstone. Someone even built a PC, modelled after the Nintendo Wii, which manages to run Minecraft in glorious 4K. It’s a game that offers something for everyone. However, this is still one of the oddest, albeit very entertaining, videos we’ve seen.

Forge Labs, which creates a lot of strange long-term challenges in games, got a few Minecrafters together to spend a week in Minecraft building up wonderful homes and living their best lives. After that week had ended, The Purge rules came into effect, which meant that everyone was allowed to do anything they want, but mostly crimes.

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Their latest video is a little over two hours long, so it’s a bit of a commitment, but it’s somewhere between being incredibly fascinating, deeply disturbing, and a very frank look at how human beings might behave if everything went awry.

One of the coolest little additions to this whole ruleset was that if a player died before the purge began, they’d lose one heart permanently. It meant that, while players should be exploring to upgrade their own gear, it would always come at a cost because death was damaging. It’s an incredibly fun watch, and we definitely recommend having it on in the background if you’re busy with work — and maybe getting frustrated with work to the point you feel a bit purgey.

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