Monkey Tycoon codes November 2023

Go bananas with these Monkey Tycoon codes want watch as all sorts of different apes begin to climb your tower and grant you multi-colored fruit to win the game.

A Roblox character standing on a stage with several monkeys, trying to work with them to produce Monkey Tycoon codes.

August 03, 2023: Added one new Monkey Tycoon code to the activate codes list.

What are the Monkey Tycoon codes? For simian fans everywhere, these cute apes, particularly ones that come in all sorts of different colors, then this the relaxing casual game for you. The main resource you’ll get from entering these codes are monkeys, which you can use to fuel your banana-producing empire.

Of course, this being a Roblox game, there are ways to cheat your way into a small fortune using Monkey Tycoon codes. You can have millions of monkeys tossing you differently-hued bananas so that you can buy even more technicolor apes. Speaking of freebies, check the latest Anime Adventures codes, Project Slayers codes, and Kage Tycoon codes.

New Monkey Tycoon codes

Here are all the latest Monkey Tycoon codes:

  • /codelist – two sacrifices (NEW)
  • Arboreal – free rewards
  • bugfixing – five sacrifices
  • Thanks – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnagiveyouup – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnaletyoudown – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnarunaroundanddesertyou – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnamakeyoucry – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnasaygoodbye – one million monkeys
  • Nevergonnatellalieandhurtyou – one million monkeys
  • Bakery – one million monkeys
  • Tarantula – one million monkeys
  • RADIATION – over 177k monkeys
  • LotsOfMonkeys – a bunch of monkeys

Expired codes

  • Orangutan
  • Primate
  • Baboon
  • Gorilla
  • Simian
  • Apemonkey

The Monkey Tycoon codes redemptions screen, which is on the left side of the in-game screen.

How do I redeem Monkey Tycoon codes?

To redeem Monkey Tycoon codes, you need to do the following:

  • Open Monkey Tycoon from the official Roblox game page.
  • Enter the game and click the codes button on the left.
  • Type in the code and click ‘Apply Code’. If it worked, you should see icons appearing.

Keep an eye on the text chat box to the top left of the screen. This will tell you what you get for redeeming codes, if any of them have expired, and if you’ve already redeemed them.

How do I get more Monkey Tycoon codes?

The best place is to check back on this page, as we’ll update all the Monkey Tycoon codes as soon as they appear, so do check back soon. However, if you want more, then the official Discord and Roblox group may have some more.

Those are all of the current Monkey Tycoon codes. The main Roblox platform also has a regularly updated list of the best Roblox games in 2023, as well as every currently valid Roblox promo code. We also have all the latest Roblox music codes if you feel like vibing with some fresh tunes in the background.