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How to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials

A list of all of the monsters that carry the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials and tips on how to hunt these diseased creatures

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials: an Arzuros, which is a cross between a badger and a bear, that is affected by disease as shown by a red aura.

Want to know how to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials? Once you reach the endgame of this massive RPG game, you’re going to need to make the best weapons and armour, including Master Layered Armor. Once you’ve slain the campaign’s final boss and completed the urgent quest at Master Rank 10, you can start gathering afflicted materials in Anomaly quests. There are eight types of afflicted materials, each obtained through a specific tier of Anomaly quests.

Now, you may think you’re an ace hunter, and even the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters stand no chance against you. You should, therefore, be able to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials easily. We like that confidence, however, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can’t capture them to end the fight early. It’s an inconvenience, especially since every monster in these Anomaly quests carries a disease in addition to having brand new moves and an extremely high health stat.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials: hunters are fighting against a Great Wroggi infected with Quiros next to a waterfall.

Each one of the monsters can enter a Delirious state. When this happens, aim to hit all glowing red spots enough times to make them burst. If you manage to hit all of them enough, you’ll knock the monster down for a short time. However, if you fail to pop these spots within the time frame, a red mist erupts from the beast that upon contact, riddles you with Bloodblight: a new status condition in Sunbreak. It gradually drains your health, natural health recovery, and health recovery from items, though you can hit the monster to steal your health back.

You can’t use items to get rid of Bloodblight once infected, you have to wait for it to go on its own accord. It’s a tricky ailment to handle, but you can also make this effect work for you by equipping a Medicine Jewel+ level 4 jewel to enhance the health you recover while hitting monsters. We also recommend the Recovery Up level 3 skill to quickly heal any damage indicated in red on your health bar.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials: the Anomaly quest list showing the afflicted Tetranadon.

Sunbreak afflicted materials Monster locations

After you finish the urgent quest at Master Rank 10, you can begin accepting hunts at the Quest Counter. These Anomaly quests appear at different Master Rank tier levels:

  • 1 star – clear the urgent quest ‘Anomaly Research: Arzuros’ at Master Rank 10.
  • 2 star – clear the urgent quest ‘Reversing Causes and Effects’ at Master Rank 20.
  • 3 star – clear the urgent quest ‘Fearful Divine Solution’ at Master Rank 30.
  • 4 star – clear the urgent quest ‘Pierce the Heavens’ at Master Rank 50.
  • 5 star – reach level 81 in the Anomaly Investigations and talk to Bahari the Scientist in Elgado.

Unlike regular monsters, though, the afflicted parts are spread across multiple species. However, whether they appear on the Anomaly quest board is up to chance, so we recommend picking two monsters you’re familiar with hunting for each of the afflicted items.

Here are all of the monsters that hold each one of the eight Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials and what Anomaly quest star rank you need to accept from the Quest Counter:

Afflicted Bone

  • Arzuros – Anomaly quest (1-star)
  • Volvidon – Anomaly quest (1-star)
  • Lagombi – Anomaly quest (1-star)

Afflicted Pelt

  • Great Izuchi – Anomaly quest (1-star)
  • Great Baggi – Anomaly quest (1-star)
  • Great Wroggi – Anomaly quest (1-star)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku – Anomaly quest (1-star)

Afflicted Blood

  • Tetranadon – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Daimyo Hermitaur – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Bishaten – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Khezu – Anomaly quest (2-star)

Afflicted Monster Bone

  • Aknosom – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Royal Ludroth – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Barroth – Anomaly quest (2-star)
  • Basarios – Anomaly quest (2-star)

Afflicted Shell

  • Blood Orange Bishaten – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Somnacanth – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Jyuratodus – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Shogun Ceantaur – Anomaly quest (3-star)

Afflicted Scale

  • Tobi-Kadachi – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Rathian – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Anjanath – Anomaly quest (3-star)
  • Pukei-Pukei – Anomaly quest (3-star)

Afflicted Claw

  • Aurora Somnacanth – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Goss Harag – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Rakna-Kadaki – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Almudron – Anomaly quest (4-star)

Afflicted Fang

  • Garangolm – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Magnamalo – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Nargacuga – Anomaly quest (4-star)
  • Barioth – Anomaly quest (4-star)

Anomaly quest 5-star monsters

We currently don’t know what afflicted items the new 5-star Anomaly Quest monsters drop, but we will update this list as soon as we have solid drop data. Here is a list of all of the newly infected beasts as of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak free title update 1:

  • Lunagaron
  • Mizutsune
  • Diablos
  • Rathalos
  • Astalos
  • Zinogre
  • Seregios
  • Magma Almudron
  • Tigrex

And that’s everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak afflicted materials. If you’re just starting out hunting these diseased beasts, we recommend trying out the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build, as its design aims to exploit any of the Bloodblight shenanigans these beasts deal. With that said, you will need some rare items, including Supple Piel, Awegite, and prized pelt to craft the armour parts.