Mortal Kombat 1 brings back beloved character, now played by Megan Fox

NetherRealm Studios has us hyped for its upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat 1, revealing the return of Nitara and addition of Megan Fox as her actor.

Mortal Kombat 1 Megan Fox: Nitara, a vampire character with glowing red eyes and sharp fangs, screams

Mortal Kombat 1 is coming, and there are few fighting games out there with quite as much excitement surrounding them. NetherRealm Studios has just revealed that one of the most iconic characters, Nitara, is making a comeback for the upcoming game. Not only is Nitara joining Mortal Kombat 1‘s cast of fighters, though, but she’s also voiced by none other than the queen herself. That’s right, Megan Fox plays the striking vampire Nitara, and I am so here for it.

Ahead of the Mortal Kombat 1 release date, the developers have blessed us with a look at Fox’s character. Nitara is a vampire, meaning she requires blood to sustain herself. She isn’t necessarily bad, though, but rather more of a morally gray character who prioritizes herself above all. As Fox says herself, “She’s evil, but she’s also good.” The actor goes on to describe how “I really like her,” citing how Nitara is just “trying to save her people.”

Fox relates to Nitara, stating that not only is it “cool to be in the game” acting as a character, but even better as “she’s kind of me.” You read that right, the famous Transformers star says she’s not just “voicing” Nitara. Her role is also forcing her to “tap into areas” of herself she’s less comfortable with. “It’s caused me to be more free with myself,” Fox goes on, “I think it’s just like an opportunity that anybody would want.”

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Nitara stands out with her wickedly stunning appearance and fierce personality, living my dream goth girl life. She’s also unapologetically unique and strange in all the best ways. As Fox more eloquently puts it, “She comes from this weird realm.” I can’t wait to see how well Fox portrays her. After all, it’s been almost two whole decades since we last saw Nitara as a playable Mortal Kombat character.

Honestly, I’ve not been this excited about Mortal Kombat 1 since the recent David Bautista trailer. There’s something so undeniably wholesome about actors and celebrities expressing their own video game interests or relating to our favorite characters.

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