Honkai Star Rail RTX 4090 leaks and it’s actually stunning

Who had more anime graphics cards on their 2024 wish list? Because MSI may be ready to drop another Nvidia GPU crossover, this time with a popular Mihoyo game.

We’ve seen the worlds of anime and PC hardware collide before, but this latest crossover is genuinely stunning. An MSI Suprim X Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card has been spotted sporting an Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei design.

MSI isn’t the first company to look at making an anime RTX 4090 graphics card, with the Asus Evangelion lineup also making a splash last year. However, this Honkai Star Rail edition of one of the best graphics card options has a snappy design. I would be far happier with this Ruan Mei design in my gaming PC, thanks to its subtler design and color palette.

MSI Sumrip X with Honkai Star Rail branding

The leak comes courtesy of hongxing2020, who has posted multiple photos of an MSI Suprim X graphics card sporting a green and gold design over on Twitter (X), with a tasteful image of Ruan Mei emblazoned on the rear.

It also comes with special packaging, paperwork, and what looks to be a mouse mat to firmly sell the Honkai Star Rail crossover and Ruan Mei branding. This is a similar approach to Asus’ Evangelion crossover from last year, and let’s not forget that MSI has also dabbled in anime graphics cards itself recently, as well as its launching own MSI Evangelion hardware a couple of years ago.

While MSI is yet to let on that this graphics card is officially in the works, given how popular last year’s Asus Evangelion line proved from a social engagement perspective, it’s easy to believe that MSI would have an anime deal lined up for 2024 to capitalize on the hype.

MSI Suprim X Honkai Star Rail packaging and product

A word of caution, however, is that until this is confirmed, there is still every chance that this may not be an official product, and could just be the prototype of a graphics card that won’t hit the open market, or it could even be a fan-made design. No source or further citation was given in the Twitter (X) post beyond the images, so don’t be too disappointed if this leads to a dead end.

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