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New Tales from the Borderlands release date revealed at Gamescom

A follow-up to the Telltale series, the New Tales from the Borderlands release date is coming in October and features a new cast of zany characters

New Tales from the Borderlands release date: Octavio, a wiry kid with blond dreadlocks and a brightly-coloured puffy jacket, makes an exasperated gesture while talking with someone in a narrow city street

Another zany Borderlands adventure is on the way, developer Gearbox has revealed at Gamescom. The New Tales from the Borderlands release date is set for October 21, and it’ll feature a new cast of misfit characters in an adventure game about “the worst day of their lives.”

Gearbox semi-announced New Tales from the Borderlands during a PAX East panel earlier this year, noting that this new “interactive fiction” game has been developed in-house at Gearbox, rather than by the original developer Telltale Games – that studio had dissolved, but has since been reconstituted, and is now working on an adaptation of the sci-fi series The Expanse, and The Wolf Among Us 2.

New Tales from the Borderlands, as the trailer below illustrates, is about three new characters who face a planetary invasion by the weapons manufacturer Tediore. There’s Anu, an altruistic fledgling scientist, her wisecracking street punk brother Octavio, and their friend Fran, who runs a frozen yoghurt stand in their hometown of Promethia.

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In the process of escaping the Tediore invasion force, the trio cooks up a scheme to break into a vault and lay claim to its secrets before Tediore can. It’s a safe bet that absolutely none of this will go according to plan, and we’ll be sure to meet a lot of extremely loud weirdos along the way.

New Tales from the Borderlands launches October 21 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The standard edition is priced at $39.99 / £34.99, while the deluxe edition is $49.99 / £44.99 and includes the original Tales from the Borderlands.