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Helldivers 2 players need to download this new Nvidia GPU driver

Nvidia's 551.86 driver brings Helldivers 2 optimal settings, Horizon Forbidden West support, and added G-Sync compatibility for monitors.

A shot featuring four Helldivers soldiers posing

A week stacked with big game releases can mean only one thing, a new Nvidia GeForce game ready driver is ready to go. 551.86 has arrived and is ready to download now via the Nvidia App or GeForce Experience. The update brings some big optimizations for Helldivers 2, but we can’t ignore some glaring omissions.

Ongoing support for some of the best graphics cards is key, and Nvidia headlines its latest driver update with game ready support for both Horizon Forbidden West and Portal with RTX.

Notable titles missing from the game ready support lineup include Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom’s ARPG set to release on March 22. Alone in the Dark is also absent, but there are no major issues being reported with its PC performance so far.

A lack of game ready support doesn’t necessarily suggest a cause for concern, but it can be taken as a sign of good optimization if support is added prior to release, rather than after, especially in the case of Dragon’s Dogma 2 which will include DLSS 3 at launch.

A key arrival in game ready driver 551.86 is the optimal game settings for Helldivers 2. With no Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR, getting the best performance out of this sci-fi shooter can be challenging, but Nvidia will now optimize the game settings for you. Optimal settings have also been added for Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun and over 1200 titles are now supported with optimal settings in the Nvidia App or GeForce Experience.

The final new arrival is an expansion of G-Sync support to 11 new gaming monitors and displays. A full list is available on the Nvidia website, but it should be of particular interest if you own an AOC, ASUS, LG, or Samsung gaming monitor.

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