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RTX Remix is live, here are the classic games we want to be modded

As Nvidia's modding platform goes live, we pick out some of the DX8 and DX9 games that are primed and ready for an RTX Remix remake.

RTX Remix open beta max payne closeup

Following on from the open beta reveal at CES, Nvidia’s RTX Remix is now officially open to anyone who wishes to try and give some of their favorite classic games a fresh new look.

As we cast our minds back to some of the best PC games ever released, there are a few candidates for classic games that we’d love to see get the RTX Remix treatment.

First up is Red Faction, a stone-cold classic that was originally released in 2001. Taking place on Mars, Red Faction was one of the first games to allow players to alter their surroundings through environmental damage. While sometimes quite dark, giving Red Faction the RTX Remix treatment would bring an entirely new perspective to this sci-fi shooter.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodline is another game that deserves some love via RTX Remix, and we’d suggest its active modding community is already on the case. A game kept alive thanks to the love of dedicated fans, we’re still waiting for the Bloodlines 2 release date, so what better way to pass the time?

While a Morrowind RTX Remix mod is in the works, we’d also love to see Oblivion get the same treatment. There’s quite a large generation of gamers who had their first big RPG experience with Oblivion, and the game holds up even today, but a bit of visual modernization wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Finally, a full-blown Max Payne remake is already underway, but in the short term, an RTX Remix update would be a great way to bring this classic Remedy game back and present it to a new audience, before the remake hits shelves.

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What games would you like to see given an RTX Remix mod? We know that Half-Life 2 and Portal have already been announced, but theoretically, any DirectX 8 or 9 game is eligible.