How to get titanium in Outriders

Here's how to farm this durable metal and increase your item's rarity

Looking for how to farm titanium in Outriders? Titanium is a very valuable resource you can use for crafting in Outriders to improve the rarity of items and raise the attributes of your epic and legendary Outriders weapons and gear.

However, getting your hands on titanium is no easy feat, as unlike harvesting iron or killing enemies for leather, this durable metal only drops in certain locations – such as endgame encounters or from high-tiered enemies. The easiest way to get titanium is by dismantling old epic or legendary gear gathering dust in your inventory – if you’re looking for more of these drops, make use of our best Outriders farming locations guide to do so.

You can also buy titanium from Bailey, a vendor located in the camp shortly after leaving Trench Town. Bailey also sells epic guns, which you can dismantle for titanium. Another way of obtaining titanium quickly is by killing Elite enemies or repeating boss fights; these tougher enemies can be farmed most effectively by completing the same missions multiple times.

Outriders titanium farming

The best way to get titanium quickly is to increase your Outriders world tier. Although you have a slim chance of acquiring it from ore veins on higher world tiers, titanium is also a reward for unlocking certain tiers and completing missions in world tier level nine or higher. You’ll also get better loot from higher world tiers, which means more epic gear to dismantle, increased drops from enemies, and an extra chance of harvesting titanium from ore veins.

That’s how to quickly farm titanium in Outriders – be sure to check out all of the best Outriders mods to complement your chosen Outriders class.