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The best Outriders Trickster builds

Become a master of space and time with these builds

The Trickster class in Outriders attacking enemies with an energy skill

Looking for the best Trickster build in Outriders? The Trickster features a wider array of skills than the Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer, giving you plenty of options to design the perfect character. If you like the idea of controlling space and time, the Trickster may be the class for you. With eight different powers to choose from, you can customise this class to become a powerful damage dealer, a strong tank, and a stealthy rogue.

Part of what makes the Trickster so appealing is that you can build this class to suit both group and solo play. Outriders allows players to respec their class at any point, making the Trickster an ideal choice if you don’t have a consistent group of friends to play with.

It’s important to remember you can create a hybrid class that mixes the strengths of all three builds. This isn’t as useful when playing in a group as it means the Trickster lacks a specialty, but as a solo player this can be extremely important. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Outriders Trickster builds.

Best Trickster build

Outriders Trickster DPS Build

Do you hate running out of bullets? This Trickster build allows you to constantly replenish your ammo, ensuring you always have enough bullets to take down incoming enemies. The most important gear for this build is the legendary Chronosuit. Unfortunately, you’re going to need several pieces of the Chronosuit set, as it unlocks an incredibly powerful effect when you assemble three pieces: reverting time replenishes ammo in your clip.

The Chronosuit is the key to the Trickster infinite ammo build, and you can take it even further by equipping this armour with specific mods. Ammo Bargain III is perfect as it replenishes 20% of ammo in your magazine every time you land a killing shot when Twisted Rounds is active. Armor of Eons also helps to give your character some protection by increasing your armour by 100% for ten seconds when Borrowed Time is active.

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The infinite ammo DPS build requires three abilities: Twisted Rounds, Borrowed Time, and Slow Trap. You might not think Slow Trap is essential to this build at first, but you can customise this skill with the Delivery on Time mod, which replenishes the ammo for the current weapon of all allies in range. Borrowed Time makes it easy to get behind groups of enemies, giving you an opportunity to activate Slow Trap if there are too many enemies around.

You may want to opt for a shotgun in this build as Borrowed Time synergises well with a powerful short range weapon. If you use Twisted Rounds before teleporting towards the enemy, your bullets will be replaced with anomaly-infused bullets which deal considerably more damage.

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Best Outriders Trickster endgame build

For the Outriders endgame expeditions, you will want to set up your Trickster to have the best gear they can at CT15. YouTuber Moxsy’s Trickster build is an especially powerful build that kills enemies around you with just one shot. Even if they’re elites, they’ll still fall to one shot a lot of the time.

Here is the best Outriders Trickster endgame build:


  • Venator’s Knife
  • Twisted Rounds
  • Hunt the Prey

The best Outriders Trickster endgame build class tree with highlighted path.

Class tree

Major nodes

  • Shotgun Master
  • Leap of Quietus
  • Disruptive Firepower
  • Outrider Executioner
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Oddity Summation
  • Cold Calculation

Minor nodes

  • Arms Trick x4
  • Ace of Trumps x1
  • Death Probability x2
  • Cycle of Life and Death x1
  • Deadly Shadow x1
  • Singularity x1
  • Unforeseen End x2
  • Shotgun Adept x1

Weapons and Mods

  • Main weapon: Anomaly Effigy
    • Concentration Blast
    • Killing Spree
  • Sub weapon: Enoch’s Blessing
    • Killing Spree
    • Gravedigger’s Frenzy
  • Pistol: Lucky
    • Pinball
    • Critical Point

Armor and mods

  • Headgear: Ugake Otarah’s Cowl
    • Instant Reload
    • Sharp Eye
  • Chest: Any Epic rarity chest with Bonus Firepower, Close Range Damage, and Cooldown Reduction perks.
    • Mitigation from Death
    • Damage Absorber
  • Waist: Any Epic rarity waist with Bonus Firepower, Close Range Damage, and Cooldown Reduction perks.
    • Radiation Jump
    • Bloodlust
  • Gloves: Gauntlets of the Cannonball
    • Captain Hunter
    • Personal Space
  • Boots: Any Epic rarity boots with Bonus Firepower, Status Power, and Cooldown Reduction perks.
    • Stare into the Barrel
    • Emergency Stance

The Trickster's skills in Outriders

Trickster Skills

Skill name Skill type Description Cooldown duration Level unlocked
Temporal Blade Damage, Interrupt Paralyse and slice enemies in front of you, dealing damage and inflicting Slow and Interrupt to all targets 20 seconds Level 1
Slow Trap Deception Create a spacetime Anomaly that inflicts slow onto enemies and projectiles for ten seconds 31 seconds Level 3
Hunt the Prey Movement Select an enemy to teleport behind them and receive a shield bonus 11 seconds Level 4
Twisted Rounds Damage Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that increase your fire power. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons 20 seconds Level 6
Cyclone Slice Damage, Interrupt Create a whirlwind of Anomaly blades that deal damage and Interrupt onto enemies within a small radius of you with every hit 14 seconds Level 9
Borrowed Time Movement Receive a shield and mark your location for 28 seconds. Triggering the skill again will bend spacetime and teleport you back to the marked spot 13 seconds Level 13
Venator’s Knife Deception Throw a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet between a maximum of five enemies within a small radius, dealing damage and marking them. All marked targets will be inflicted with Slow and for ten seconds the first damage dealt by you will be doubled 10 seconds Level 17
Time Rift Deception, Interrupt Create a shockwave that suspends enemies in the air leaving them unable to fight for three and a half seconds and inflicts Weakness 10 seconds Level 22

The Trickster's skill tree in Outriders

Trickster Class Perks

  • Shotgun Master: Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 15%, and pump action shotgun and automatic shotgun drop chance by 12%
  • Leap of Quietus: Activating Movement skills increase your armour piercing by 15% for ten seconds
  • Against the Odds: When surrounded by enemies, reloading your weapon deals eight damage and interrupts enemies’ abilities. Damage scales with anomaly power
  • Assault Master: Increase your assault weapon damage by 7% for each unlocked Concentration class node, drop chance by 12% (assault rifle, light machine gun, submachine gun, and double gun)
  • Disruptive Firepower: Activation of Deception skills increases your weapon damage by 50% for eight seconds
  • Outrider Executioner: Activating Movement skills increases your weapon damage by 50% for eight seconds
  • Wither Scything: Your class Melee skill inflicts Weakness to all enemies hit
  • Countershield: Activating your Deception skills increases anomaly power by 50% for ten seconds
  • Scion of the Power: When your Damage skills ends, increase your weapon damage by 50% for eight seconds
  • Mitigation in Motion: When your Damage skills end, increase your damage mitigation by 10% for ten seconds
  • Combat Shield’s Timeline: Activating your Movement skill increases anomaly power by 50% for ten seconds
  • Transfusion: Increase your weapon leech by 5%
  • Bounty Hunter: Increase your weapon damage against Elites by 15%
  • Leap of Clincher: Activating your Movement skills increases your Resistance Piercing by 15% for ten seconds
  • Anomalic Acceleration: When your Damage skill ends, increase your anomaly power by 50% for ten seconds


  • Oddity Summation: Increase your magazine size by 50%
  • Cold Calculation: For each enemy in close range, your weapon damage is increased by 8%


  • Profit Squared: Every ammo pick-up heals you for 5% of your maximum health
  • Disruption Shield: Every activation of Deception skills grant you 20% shields


  • Scion of the Void: At the end of any Damage skill, increase your armour piercing by 30% and Resistance Piercing by 25% for ten seconds
  • Altered Executioner: For each enemy in close range, your anomaly power is increased by 10%

And that’s all there is to know about the best Trickster builds in Outriders. If you haven’t a chance to check out all of the Outriders legendary weapons, definitely give our guide a read to see which guns are worth picking up. You may be able to respec within your class at any point, but it’s not possible to change your class. Read our Outriders classes guide to discover what each path is capable of before creating your character.