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The best Outriders Pyromancer builds

The best builds for those who just want to see the enemy burn

The Outriders Pyromancer, wielding a flamethrower marked with red paint

Want to know the best Outriders Pyromancer builds? The idea behind this class is to make all your enemies burn where they stand with the frequent use of skills. If the enemy is not smouldering, then you’re doing it wrong. The thing is, the Pyromancer is good at this one particular thing, but isn’t massively versatile otherwise, making it a class that’s relatively straightforward to spec into.

Essentially, you have two modes: immobilising the enemy with the use of Ash skills, or causing severe burns with the one-two punch of Ignite, then Explode skills. All of these skills do a lot of damage and you’ll want to keep enemies alight as when they fall in battle, you’ll recover health. It’s a hyper aggressive class, but also quite a squishy one if the skills fail to connect.

To help you wreak as much fiery destruction as possible, we’ve prepared an explanation of the best Outriders Pyromancer builds, including a list of all the Pyromancer skills and how best to use them, and the complete set talent tree perks and specialities that are available to the class.

Best Pyromancer builds

Outriders Pyromancer DPS build

To reiterate, your main job as the Pyromancer is to make enemies burn. It’s how you’ll heal, and it’s how you’re doing most of your damage. Any perks that cut down the cooldown duration will be invaluable to you as it ensures you can keep throwing fire at the enemy, which in turn keeps you healthy.

One skill that’s an absolute must is Thermal Bomb. It has a fantastic range, and provided that you or a friend has a decent sniper rifle, you can make the enemy burst, severely wounding their nearby mates. It also interrupts boss attacks, which is vital for dealing with those pesky Outriders captains. Later on in the game, F.A.S.E.R Beam fulfils a similar role, but requires more precise aiming. Feed the Flames is alright when you’re close to an opponent, but its range is a bit lacking compared to Thermal Bomb.

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The Pyromancer’s skills also have a fair bit of synergy. You can ignite foes with Heatwave or Volcanic Rounds, before using Overheat as a follow-up. This in turn leaves them vulnerable thanks to the Ash status effect, which renders them immobile and unable to perform any actions, leaving them vulnerable to gunfire from the rest of your squad. Ash Blast is there just in case enemies get too close to you, leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up Thermal Bomb.

When looking at the Pyromancer’s talent tree, its specialisations aren’t as diverse compared to other Outriders classes. You’re either fixing enemies in place with Immobilize skills and the Ash Breaker specialty, or dealing as much damage as possible with Ignite and Explosive combinations. Fire Storm and Tempest will bolster Ignite or Explosive skills, respectively, and it doesn’t massively matter which you pick. As for mods you should be on the lookout for, anything that reduces cooldown or burn duration is an absolute must.

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Best outriders Pyromancer endgame build

For the Outriders endgame expeditions, you will want to set up your Pyromancer to have the best gear they can at CT15. The idea behind YouTuber Chadly99’s build is to stack damage on top of damage by switching between your main weapon and sub weapon. By swapping between the two, you’ll negate the cooldown of the mod’s effects.

Here is the best Outriders Pyromancer endgame build:


  • Heatwave
  • Eruption
  • Thermal Bomb

The best Outriders pyromancer build class tree with each node highlighted.

Class tree

Major nodes

  • Wildfire
  • Magma Elemental
  • Fuel for the Embers

Minor nodes

  • Archmage x3
  • World Ablaze x1
  • Gifted x2
  • Mark’s Cumulation x1
  • Meltdown x2
  • Magma Golem x3
  • Unquenchable x2
  • Trail by Fire x1
  • Warm Up x1

Weapons and mods

  • Main weapon: Deathshield/Funeral Pyre
    • Fortress
    • Shadow Comet
  • Sub weapon: Heir to the Desert/Juggler
    • Sandstorm
    • Shadow Comet
  • Pistol: You can use most legendary sidearms with vulnerability bullets, but it doesn’t really matter which one as it’s not really used.

Armor and mods

  • Headgear: Helmet of the Acari
    • Fire Tsunami
    • Ride the Wave
  • Chest: Armor of the Acari
    • Power Assimilation
    • Tidal Wave
  • Waist: Waistcloth of the Acari
    • Anomaly Echo
    • Pompeii
  • Gloves: Any Epic rarity gloves with Anomaly Power, Status Power, and Cooldown Reduction.
    • Fire Frenzy
    • Branded
  • Boots: Any Epic rarity boots with Anomaly Power, Status Power, and Cooldown Reduction.
    • Burnt-Out
    • Damage Absorber/Heat Leech

The Outriders Pyromancer skill icons in the in-game menu

Pyromancer skills

Skill name Skill type Description Cooldown duration Level unlocked
Heatwave Ignite Summon a fiery wave that deals damage and inflicts Burn onto all enemies in its path. 13 seconds Level 1
Feed the Flames Immobilize Select and pull an enemy towards you, dealing damage, draining a certain amount of health, and inflicting Ash. 17 seconds Level 2
Thermal Bomb Explosive Select an enemy to Burn, Interrupt, and deal damage to. If killed while still afflicted by this skill, the enemy will explode, dealing heavy damage within a large radius. 14 seconds Level 4
Overheat Explosive Deal a little damage and Interrupt to all enemies in a large radius. Enemies. 22 seconds Level 6
Volcanic Rounds Ignite Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that pierce targets and inflict Burn within a small radius. This skill lasts until you switch weapons or reload your current weapon. 23 seconds Level 9
Ash Blast Immobilize Create an anomaly blast to inflict Ash on all enemies in a radius around you. 23 seconds Level 13
F.A.S.E.R Beam Ignite Fires an energy beam that deals damage and causes both Burn, and Interrupt. Damage dealt benefits from 125% Status Power. 10 seconds Level 17
Eruption Explosive Create a volcanic eruption beneath the enemy, dealing damage to that foe and nearby enemies in a small radius around the target. 37 seconds Level 22

The Outriders Pyromancer branching talent tree

Pyromancer class perks

  • Pyromancer: Receive an additional 10% anomaly power. Skills mark damaged enemies for 15 seconds. Killing a marked target heals you for 24% of your maximum health.
  • Assault Master: Increase your assault weapon damage by 20%, and assault weapons drop 12% more often (assault rifle, light machinegun, submachine gun, and double gun)
  • Armor Melting: Increase your Armor Piercing against marked enemies by 30%
  • Wild Fire: Decrease all your skill cooldowns by 10%
  • With Fire and Rifle: Activating Explosive skills increases your weapon damage by 45% for ten seconds
  • Hot Situation: Activating your Immobilize skills increases your anomaly power by 45% for ten seconds
  • Incinerate: The moment Burn ends on an enemy, inflict Ash status
  • Extinction: Increase damage by 20% against enemies below 30% of health
  • Inferno Bullets: Your firepower is increased by 15% of your anomaly power
  • Sniper Master: Increase your sniper weapon damage by 40%, and sniper weapons drop 12% more often (marksman rifle, automatic sniper rifle, and bolt action rifle)
  • Distant Flame: Increase your anomaly power by 25% for each unlocked Magma Golem class node
  • All Guns Blazing: Increase weapon damage after any skill activation by 20% for seven seconds
  • With Fire and Anomaly: Activating Explosive skills increases your anomaly power by 12% for ten seconds
  • Ashes to Ashes: Every time Ash is afflicted on an enemy, Vulnerable status is inflicted as well
  • Phoenix Nestling: Upon losing all health, you receive a second chance to return to the battlefield with 50% health. Phoenix can revive you every 180 seconds
  • Chasing the Chill Away: Killing a marked enemy heals you by additional 12% of your maximum health
  • Anomalous Lava: Activating Ignite skills increase your armour by 45% for ten seconds.
  • Leeching Force: Activating Immobilize skills doubles weapon leech for four seconds.

Ash Breaker specialty perks

  • …Hurt Twice as Long: Increase damage against Elites by 10% and Elites deal 10% less damage to you
  • Burning Situation: Activating Immobilize skills increases weapon damage by 60% for ten seconds

Fire Storm specialty perks

  • Fuel for the Embers: Doubles skill leech when under 30% health
  • Magma Elemental: Activating Ignite skills increases your armour piercing by 45% and resistance piercing by 45% for ten seconds

Tempest specialty perks

  • Flames That Burn Twice: Increases damage against Elites by 10%
  • Grave Ablaze: Increase Explosive skills base damage by 30%

You should now have all the info you need to create the best Outriders Pyromancer builds. If you’re just starting out and haven’t settled on a class yet, why not try the best Outriders Technomancer builds or the best Outriders Trickster builds? We also have a list of all the available Outriders legendary weapons, as well as the Outriders farming locations so you can bring them with you to the full game.