Overwatch 2 bug traps rampaging Reinhardt inside enemy spawn

An Overwatch 2 bug causes a Reinhardt player to be trapped inside the enemy spawn in the Blizzard FPS game, replicating an old glitch to terrify his opponents

Overwatch 2 bug - Reinhardt in his helmetless Crusader skin roaring as he charges forward

One Reinhardt player has a rather scary experience after an Overwatch 2 bug sees the German tank trapped inside the enemy spawn in Blizzard’s multiplayer game. The glitch sees Reinhardt sucked through the wall that normally prevents players from getting too close to their opponents’ spawn room. You might think that this isolation behind enemy lines would see them quickly downed, but the player manages to intimidate their opponents for quite some time thanks to some stellar Overwatch 2 support play.

The incident goes down on the Dorado Overwatch 2 map – those of you familiar with it will be well aware the the starting attack spawn is a very popular place for defenders to push up close. With a slight high ground for the defenders out the gate, several nearby buildings to retreat to or snipe from, and numerous escape routes, it’s an ideal place to attempt a spawn camp without too many ramifications if you do get team wiped.

The bug seems to involve both Reinhardt and Orisa being played on the enemy team – meaning that this is seemingly taking place in one of Overwatch 2’s arcade modes or in the open queue mode that allows players to pick multiple tank characters on a single team. As far as we can ascertain, the enemy Rein attempts to charge out of their spawn, but is blocked by their fellow Orisa’s fortify ability. This stops their charge, but the ‘magnetic’ nature of its pin effectively sucks the opposing Reinhardt through the usually impenetrable barrier into spawn.

While you’d normally expect this to be as good as a death sentence to Reindhardt, their opponents seem as caught off-guard as they are. This element of surprise, combined with some rather spectacular healing through the door from the Baptiste and Moira players outside, keeps them alive for a good half a minute before they are finally forced into a corner and brought down.

Bug got me stuck inside enemy spawn, has this ever happen? from Overwatch

The whole thing is reminiscent of an old Overwatch Reinhardt bug that was frequently employed by players to knock other players out of bounds in Blizzard World. While it’s a little surprising this hasn’t been ironed out for Overwatch 2, it’s a very niche problem that is likely to occur in many circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s very fun to watch.

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