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Overwatch 2 Sombra bug lets her contest the payload forever

An Overwatch 2 Sombra bug lets the hero contest the payload forever with translocator, forcing infinite overtime, meaning she might be removed from Blizzard FPS

Overwatch 2 Sombra bug - Sombra in her red and gold Shanghai Dragons skin, hacking on a virtual purple terminal

A returning Overwatch 2 Sombra bug allows the hero to infinitely contest the payload in the Blizzard FPS game. The potentially game-breaking glitch lets the Mexican hacking specialist and notorious Overwatch 2 DPS hero use her translocator to jump inside the cart. Once there, she is able to contest the objective in a manner that keeps her hidden and safe from most enemy damage as she holds the payload in place and prevents any progress from being made. Having now received widespread attention in the multiplayer game, it’s possible this could see Sombra removed from the game entirely until it is fixed.

The glitch is fairly simple and multiple videos show how easily it is pulled off. The latest example of it seems to be specific to new Overwatch 2 map Paraíso, though a similar form of the bug was previously present on certain maps in the original Overwatch, such as on now-removed Assault maps Numbani and Temple of Anubis. Sombra places her translocator on the floor next to a payload, and then transports to it as the cart passes over the device.

This clips her inside the bulky section of the objective, rendering her virtually invisible to everyone nearby. It appears from several clips that she cannot be harmed by normal damage while in this state either – typically in old instances of this glitch, the most reliable counter to this was damage that travels through environmental obstacles such as Hanzo’s Dragon Arrow ultimate ability.

This issue seems to have been first spotted by a few players a few weeks ago, but has now gained attention among the wider Overwatch 2 community after a post on the Overwatch Reddit. The video shows the bug clearly from both sides through an in-game replay, showing how Sombra gets inside the payload and then the resulting stall that happens after the enemy team wins a fight and tries to push the cart to completion. It’s worth noting that using her cloaking ability will prevent her from contesting, which will let the cart move, but given that she generally can’t be seen from outside anyway it’s unnecessary to make use of that.

If a fix isn’t easily implemented, it’s likely that this could see Sombra removed from Overwatch 2 temporarily – following on from an Overwatch 2 Mei bug and an Overwatch 2 Bastion exploit that saw both removed from the game, while Swedish DPS Torbjörn was taken out of the game’s competitive modes for a while. While the others have since returned, Mei is currently not back as of the time of writing. Blizzard has yet to comment on the issue, but we have reached out and will update with any response.

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