Five Overwatch 2 characters set for balance changes in season 2 update

Some DPS and tank Overwatch 2 characters are set for balance changes in the Blizzard FPS game soon, as the team outlines how it implements hotfixes

With 36 Overwatch 2 characters gracing the FPS game’s roster (and more to come), it can often be difficult to choose who to play as, let alone keep them balanced – if you’re Blizzard, that is. This is such a prevalent issue for a few heroes according to the Overwatch 2 team, so much so that game director Aaron Keller has outlined how Blizzard is in the process of pushing changes for a number of heroes.

“The team is looking at potential changes to Sojourn, Doomfist, Ramattra, Roadhog, and Tracer with the planned balance changes coming later this week,” Keller explains, revealing that these characters will be getting some hotfix changes in Overwatch 2 season 2.

So then, why did the first season of the multiplayer game not include as many hotfixes (which were seemingly relegated to removing broken heroes and fixing them), and what exactly does a hotfix mean for the multiplayer game?

This was explained by Overwatch commercial leader Jon Spector, who says that while full patches need several weeks time to be fully deployed and analysed by the developers and QA team, hotfixes allow them to make smaller Overwatch 2 character changes like value adjustments to attacks and abilities, or Overwatch 2 map collision issues.

“We just used a hotfix earlier today to address a collision issue on Shambali,” says Spector. “The team is also planning to use that system to make some quick hero balance changes later this week based on the early read of Season 2 hero performance.”

It’s currently unclear what changes will be coming into effect this week for the five overwatch 2 characters, but I’d hazard a guess from Keller Spector’s tweets that some damage and ability values for each are going to undergo changes at the very least. We’ll likely know more once the changes are actually made though.

If you want to read more, you can check out Keller’s post on Twitter, which is a quote of Spector’s own thread on hotfixes and patches.

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