Overwatch 2 confirms K-pop collab, taking after League of Legends

Blizzard reveals that Overwatch 2 is teaming up with K-pop sensaton Le Sserafim for a collab event, following Riot's own news of its League of Legends boy band.

Overwatch 2 K-pop collab event: Le Sserafim band members in a line smiling, with matching blue outfits

Overwatch 2 is in the midst of its seventh season, with players enjoying the hero shooter’s Rise of Darkness content. From its special Halloween Terror event to its new map, Blizzard has packed its Overwatch sequel full of fresh features for fans to get through. The game’s future also looks quite bright with the developer now revealing an in-game and real-life collaboration event with Le Sserafim, a beloved K-pop girl group.

Much like Riot Games did with League of Legends’ Heartsteel, the Overwatch 2 developer is blessing us K-pop stans. That’s right, Le Sserafim is coming to the FPS game, and it’s going to be bigger than you may think. In one of Blizzard’s most pleasantly surprising announcements yet, we learn that the musicians are working on a brand-new single in honor of the collab event, and that exclusive in-game features are underway.

Blizzard describes the event as the shooter’s “first-ever in-game musical artist collaboration.” The developer then details Le Sserafim itself, saying how the “fearless group of five” is one of today’s “fastest-growing K-pop groups.” Blizzard then reveals the collab event’s music video for the girl group’s new Overwatch-inspired single, Perfect Night, which will debut on Thursday, October 26.

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The collab doesn’t end with Le Sserafim’s upcoming banger, though. Blizzard also reveals Overwatch 2’s new “Le Sserafim-inspired game mode,” which “exclusive in-game items, including Legendary hero skins” will accompany. The dev states that it plans to showcase the event’s full details on Monday, October 30.

Overwatch 2’s Le Sserafim-themed in-game content and hero skins will go live just a day later on Wednesday, November 1. If you’re one of those lucky BlizzCon attendees, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the K-pop group perform live following the studio’s grand conclusion of the convention’s Community Night. You can grab tickets via BlizzCon.

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