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Overwatch 2 streams get interrupted by mysterious code

A mysterious code has been appearing on sponsored Overwatch 2 streams preparing for Blizzard's upcoming season, Invasion, for the FPS game.

Sombra, a short purple-haired female character from Overwatch, stands with a pistol in hand

Overwatch 2 is one of this decade’s most beloved FPS games as it features action-packed gameplay and an entrancing cast of characters to play as. With Overwatch 2‘s ever-growing fanbase, Blizzard’s upcoming Invasion season for the game has been generating some well-deserved hype. As they gear up for the new content, players have been speculating about what they can expect from Invasion. It seems that the new season has more mystery surrounding it than fans though, as a secret code likely leading an ARG has been appearing on sponsored Overwatch 2 streams.

With Overwatch 2’s Steam release on the horizon, there is more to be excited about than ever. The mysterious code appearing on streamers’ live shows of gameplay was brought to players’ attention by social media. It seems like Overwatch 2 Invasion is setting up its hype train by dropping a new ARG in the form of gradual stream messages. Thus far, players are commenting about Sombra, comparing the new mysterious clue trail to the 2016 character reveal.

A few dates have been confirmed so far, with players told to keep an eye out on “three more sponsored streams on July 28th, August 4th, and August 10th.” On those fateful days, we can expect more “cryptic messages,” likely leading to some sort of grand reveal about Overwatch 2 Invasion. Could this be another hero-related ARG, or maybe something to do with other new content? Or, could it be event-related? Either way, we’ve got our detective caps on over the next couple of weeks.

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