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Overwatch 2 Ramattra gameplay trailer shows his furious fists at work

The Overwatch 2 Ramattra gameplay reveal trailer shows hero 36 in action in the Blizzard multiplayer FPS, including the Omnic tank’s Nemesis form and abilities

Overwatch 2 Ramattra - a large omnic folds his arms across his chest as two larger arms on his shoulders throw out punches ahead of him

An Overwatch 2 Ramattra gameplay reveal trailer gives us our first look at how the Omnic tank will play in the FPS game. Blizzard has spilled all the juicy details on hero 36, who will be joining the roster along with the Overwatch 2 Season 2 release date. While we already had a decent idea what to expect of the Ramattra abilities, ultimate, and Nemesis form, getting to see one of the biggest Overwatch 2 characters in action for the first time is certainly a sight to behold.

Ramattra is a hefty Omnic tank hero that spends most of his time in ‘Omnic form,’ where he sits at a relatively modest 450 health and relies on a more poke-oriented playstyle combining his Void Accelerator’s primary fire projectiles with a projected Void Barrier to engage enemies from range and protect his team. The projectile stream has travel time, so you’ll have to lead targets at a distance, but there’s no damage falloff.

He can also fire off nano spheres that explode on contact with the floor using Ravenous Vortex, generating a damaging force field when the ball hits the ground that pulls enemies downward and reduces their movement speed. It’s an ideal way to trap enemies in the perfect spot for his current form, or temporarily shut down enemy rush compositions.

Ramattra’s signature move is the ability to transform into a Nemesis form that bumps him up to 600 health and transforms him into a devastating punching machine that throws out barrier-piercing shockwaves from his fists using an alternative primary fire called Pummel. Nemesis form lasts for eight seconds, with an eight-second cooldown.

While in Nemesis form, Ramattra can also raise his arms at any point with his secondary fire, Block, which significantly reduces frontal damage taken, along with that of certain abilities such as Hanzo’s Dragonstrike and Torbjörn’s Molten Core, at the cost of his own movement speed (and the ability to keep punching, of course).

Ramattra’s ultimate, Annihilation, also shifts him into Nemesis form and causes a swarm of nanobots to spread out in front of him that deals continuous damage to any nearby enemies. In addition, the nanobots will reduce enemy damage dealt by 50%, giving Ramattra yet another way to protect both himself and his teammates. Crucially, Blizzard gameplay designer Tess Leiman notes, Annihilation’s duration pauses while attached to an enemy. “It doesn’t end. The ultimate itself is relatively short, but if it’s attached to someone, it’s not ending.”

The team describes Ramattra as “Overwatch 2’s first tempo tank,” and he certainly looks like a lot of fun to play based on this initial tease. The Overwatch 2 season 2 roadmap lets us know that more details are coming in a five-part developer blog starting on November 27. In the meantime, you can watch the Ramattra gameplay reveal for yourself below:

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If all this has you eager to play as Ramattra, don’t get too excited just yet. It’s expected that you’ll need to grind your season two Overwatch 2 battle pass up to level 55 or purchase the premium track with Overwatch Coins, much like previous newcomer Kiriko. If you’ve yet to finish up the season one pass, an ongoing Overwatch 2 double XP weekend should help you complete it over the Thanksgiving break. If you’re wondering just how big Ramattra is, Blizzard devs have detailed how he boasts “one of the biggest models” made for the game yet.