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Best Pals for Mining in Palworld

To gather Ores, Sulfur, Coal, and other minerals, you'll need the best Palworld mining pals to dig through veins and farm those resources.

A Digtoise emerging mid-spin next to some rocks. It's one of the best Palworld mining Pals.

What are the best Palworld mining pals? If you want to make the very best stuff in the game, you’ll need access to a rich seam of resources, some of which need to be dug up. You could go in with a pickaxe and do it yourself, but getting your Pals to do the hard work is far more efficient while you’re off adventuring.

There are several considerations when mining in Palworld, not least of which is where to move your Palworld base to have the most efficient Palworld Ore farm. But once you’ve chosen your location, you need to know which of your captured friends are the best for the job, so here is a list of the best Palworld mining Pals.

Best mining Pals in Palworld

With a mining level of four, Astegon and Blazamut are the best Palworld Mining pals. They are, however, hard to find because they’re only located in the Dessicated Desert or in high-level dungeons.

Astegon is in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary northeast of the Dessicated Desert or as a level 48 Alpha Pal north of the Towers of the Brothers of the Eternal Eye, while Blazamut is a level 49 Alpha Pal south-east of the same tower.

Since your base is likely quite far away from your mining sources, you’ll also need to ensure you have a self-sustaining farm and transporter Pals keeping your base running. Therefore, you’ll need to own the best Palworld planting Pals to sow the crops and the best watering and transporter Pals to move everything to where it needs to be.

While Astegon and Blazamut can’t be touched at the top, several others in the Palworld Paldeck have basic to decent mining capabilities. Our list of the best mining Pals is sorted by tier and level. So, while the C tier is mining level one, the S tier is mining level four.

Tier Pals
S Astegon, Blazamut
A Anubis, Menasting, Reptyro, Digtoise
B Penking, Dumud, Quivern, Mammorest, Tombat
C Cattvia, Depresso, Rushoar, Fuddler, Incineram, Incineram Noct, Lovander, Maraith

A Digtoise is a turtle creature with spikes on its shell. It's one of the best Palworld mining Pals.

Best focused Mining Pal

Our pick for this is Digtoise, as while it doesn’t have as high a mining level as either Blazamut or Astegon, it’s only got Mining level three. Therefore, you can put it to work, spinning around with its spiny shell, and it’ll unearth tons of minerals for your other Pals to take away.

A Quivern is a white dragon with feathers. It's also one of the Best Palworld Pals.

Best multitasking Mining Pal

The best multitasking Pal is a relatively surprising one: Quivern. Not only does it have level two in Mining, but it also has Gathering level two, Transporting level three, and level one in Handiwork. It’s almost the complete package for a self-sustaining base, so gathering a few of them is worth it to help the work go quicker.

A Cattvia is a red cat-like creature and its one of the earliest best Palworld mining Pals.

Best early game Mining Pal

Luckily, the best early-game Mining Pal is among the first you’ll meet. Cattiva can do most of the hard work, from Mining and transporting the stones they gather to nearby chests to helping build new facilities and picking plants once ready.

Once you’ve put the best Palworld mining Pals to work, it’s time to look into catching some Pals to support them, whether it’s the best Palworld Kindling Pals to fire up your furnaces and refine your minerals or the best Palworld medicine production Pals to craft healing items in case your miners get injured.