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Palworld mods are finally live, with fixes for flying and visuals

Palworld mods are here at last, offering fixes for flying, visuals, and other problems in the Pokemon-esque survival game taking over Steam.

Palworld mods released: Two adorable creatures from Steam survival game Palworld

Palworld is taking over the entire gaming universe right now. It’s smashed Steam records, pulled in millions of players, and blown past most of its contemporaries to become the hottest game on the planet. While Pocketpair’s survival and crafting hit seemingly can’t get any better, if you’re having trouble with Palworld flying or just want to overhaul the visuals, then the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Palworld mods are now live, and the first batch of community-made tweaks and improvements is incredibly promising.

Palworld mods are the icing on the proverbial, Pokemon-with-AK47s cake. A gigantic hit on both Steam and Game Pass, the survival game has already surpassed the likes of Elden Ring and even Counter-Strike 2 in terms of various player count records. Now, Palworld is being refined and improved even further by its expansive community. If you’ve been having trouble with Palworld mounts, or just want to make the best Palworld Pals look even nicer, the modding page for Pocketpair’s hit is finally here.

First up, the appropriately named ‘Remove Flying Stamina Cost’ by ‘Vucksacha’ is essential. If you want to explore the Palworld map at total leisure, without having to stop and rest your mount, this is a fundamental tweak that makes the entirety of Palworld that much more fluid and playable.

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Likewise, there are already a handful of visual, performance, and gameplay tweaks available, allowing you to improve Palworld’s graphics and tune spawn rates, health consumption, and other variables to your heart’s content. You can get all of these over at Nexus Mods right this second.

Pocketpair says it is currently addressing more than 50,000 Palworld bug reports and related tickets. With a higher concurrent player record than even Elden Ring, and more players in a 24-hour period than Counter-Strike 2, it’s clear Palworld is a massive success. Best get to grips with all those Palworld dungeons.

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