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Steam’s premiere co-op shooter is just $1 ahead of the sequel

With the Payday 3 release date looming, 2013 heist game Payday 2 is part of a massive Steam sale where you can get the base game alone for just $1.

Payday 2 steam sale: a man in a suit and a clown mask with the American flag on it, holding duffle bag over his shoulder

Payday 2 is still an iconic co-op game, and with the Payday 3 release date looming, you can dive into the FPS heist shooter for less than a dollar in a Steam sale, or choose between a myriad of expansions and DLCs with massive discounts, too. So if your friends have been asking you to jump into Payday 2 for years to get ready for the sequel, now’s your time.

While Payday 2 has been free on the Epic Games Store via Amazon Prime, perhaps you want to join your Steam pals instead, or just prefer the Valve storefront over the rest. If so, you’ve not got long as the Payday 2 sale as it started to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the game.

The Payday 2 Steam sale ends on Thursday, August 24, and you can get the shooter for just $0.99 / £0.89. While you can get the base game for basically nothing, there are also a few DLC packs of varying price points to get as well, if you want even more from Payday 2.

  • Payday 2 Legacy Collection offers the base game and 35 DLCs for 85% off at a cost of $12.15 / £10.19 with over five years worth of heists, characters, weapons, mods, and cosmetic items
  • Payday 2 Texas Heat Collection offers the 15 DLCs from the Texas Heat campaign for 43% off at $37.28 / £30.58
  • Payday 2 Infamous Collection offers every single one of the DLCs at 65% off for $91.64 / £76.73

Sequel Payday 3 will also be at Gamescom 2023 this week, so if you’re going you’ll potentially get some hands-on time with it. You’ll also be glad to hear that Payday 3 is a Game Pass day one release as well, meaning you can play with your friends at no extra cost if you’re a subscriber.

If you’re just diving into Payday 2 or want to revamp your experience after playing it for a decade, we’ve got the best Payday 2 builds and some essential Payday 2 mods you need to try as well.