Payday 3 dev “extremely sorry” for delaying major patch

Starbreeze Entertainment has just announced that Payday 3's highly anticipated patch has been delayed and will not arrive until later this month.

Payday 3 patch delay: a woman wearing a dark suit and white top carries a weapon in hand, a clown mask on her head

Payday 3 was a long-awaited game. The first two Payday games stand as some of the most iconic shooters ever, with their unique heists and quirky comedic features. Starbreeze Entertainment released the series’ third entry recently, but it didn’t go as planned. Players encountered issues, especially with accessing multiplayer servers. Starbreeze was quick to address problems with Payday 3’s online performance, announcing major patches. Unfortunately, a highly anticipated update was just delayed.

It’s no secret that Payday 3 underwent quite a rough launch. The FPS game faced backlash from fans struggling to play online, causing Starbreeze to announce various Payday 3 matchmaking upgrades to help resolve the connection issues. The dev addressed the lack of online functionality quickly with upcoming patches, announcing new Payday 3 heists for players to look forward to in content updates as well.

A major planned patch that was meant to address a variety of bugs should have dropped today, Thursday, October 5, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it. “We’re extremely sorry for this, but we’ve chosen to delay today’s planned patch to ensure its stability,” Starbreeze writes in its post. The developer continues the announcement, saying that the patch “needs some changes” but should be ready sometime in “mid-October.”

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Starbreeze cites “some changes that would require us to go through console certification again” as its reason for delaying the patch. That’s not all, though, as the Payday dev states that the team will also need to do “some more server maintenance.” The studio says that it ideally “will not be noticeable,” with the necessary fixes occurring over a couple of days.

The server maintenance window falls between Friday, October 6 and Tuesday, October 10. Hopefully, these more minor fixes make online play function more smoothly until the big patch rolls around later this month.

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