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Pet Capsules Simulator codes December 2023

Pet Capsules Simulator is a Roblox game that's always providing codes for free rewards, so get your mega dogs and cats here as we keep our list up to date.

Pet Capsule Simulator codes: three animals made of blocks gather in the centre of a blue background

July 31, 2023: Checked that all Pet Capsules Simulator codes still work.

What are the new Pet Capsules Simulator codes? Barely a week goes by without another pet-collecting game popping up on Roblox, and these Pet Capsules Simulator codes are proof of another springing up out of nowhere for June 2023. Whether you’re just getting started with this one or managed to sneak your way into some early test phases before anyone else knew a thing about the surprise release, keeping a close eye on the latest redeem codes can keep you ahead of your friends in this critter collection.

At its core, Pet Capsules Simulator looks very similar to another Roblox game with which it almost shares a name. For that one, check out Pet Simulator X codes. In practice, however, it plays a little closer to the classic Roblox simulator genre of games, rewarding mouse mashing with stacking multipliers that soon reach numbers even Mr. Beast wouldn’t count to. To experience some of those aforementioned gems, grab the latest Anime Catching Simulator codes or Mining Simulator codes.

New Pet Capsules Simulator codes

The latest Pet Capsules Simulator codes are:

  • freemega – mega dog
  • megasecret – mega cat
  • PET – 250 coins
  • LIKED – 250 coins
  • Release –  250 coins

Expired codes

No Pet Capsules Simulator codes have expired yet.

When redeeming Pet Capsule Simulator codes, ensure you enter them exactly as they appear above. Any misspelled codes, including any uppercase or lowercase letters where they shouldn’t be, will cause a code to show the “code not found” error. You won’t get rewards if you don’t enter the code correctly. If you take too long, you’ll also risk having the correct code expire.

Pet Capsule Simulator codes: a box shows how to enter and redeem codes

How do I redeem Pet Capsule Simulator codes?

Redeeming Pet Capsules Simulator codes is really easy. Instead of looking for a big Twitter bird icon button on the screen or entering codes in a chat box that might come across as spam that could get you banned, this game limits code redeems to a specific place. To redeem them, you need to:

  • Open Pet Capsules Simulator via the Roblox page.
  • Log in and wait until you spawn in the main plaza.
  • Turn to face the capsule shop behind the fountain and go to the corner to your immediate left.
  • Step inside the blue circle that says ‘Have a code?’.
  • Enter a Pet Capsules Simulator code in the window that pops up.

Type (or paste) a working code, hit the Submit button, and you should see the rewards come through. Pets are added to your inventory automatically, but coins and other goodies will appear as bags on the ground for you to grab.

How do I get more Pet Capsules Simulator codes?

If you don’t trust us to update this list as soon as new codes drop, you can search for more Pet Capsules Simulator codes yourself. So long as you don’t mind getting pinged by various social media platforms for things that likely aren’t codes, you can go ahead and follow the Pet Capsules Simulator Twitter account, Pet Capsules Simulator YouTube channel, and Pet Capsules Simulator Discord server.

By keeping a close eye on all three around the time of a game update every Saturday, you might be the first in line to spot a new Pet Capsules Simulator code. The game also hides super secret codes around its various worlds, so you may even have to do extensive in-game searching if an update includes one.

Now that you’ve expanded your pet roster and nabbed some free currencies, there’s nothing else to do but play. Just logged on for the freebies? If you’re up for a bit of Roblox game surfing, check out Anime Adventure codes or Project Mugetsu codes instead. And if you’re looking for more general Roblox goodies, the latest Roblox music codes and Roblox promo codes are in.