Phasmophobia is getting a prison level, which we think may be haunted

Kinetic Games has revealed that a prison level is in the works for its ghost hunting smash hit


It seems everyone loves getting their wits spooked out of them in Phasmophobia, the game about searching for ghosts in abandoned places and then screaming when you find them. It seems as though there’s a new location in the works, as developer Kinetic Games has revealed that it’s working on a prison level.

As spotted by Game Informer, Kinetic Games today tweeted a screengrab of Phasmophobia’s Trello board, which tracks the game’s progress through Early Access and provides a roadmap of sorts. The image shows a new entry in the ‘In Progress’ column, which reads: ‘Make a Prison level.’ We’ve analysed the image and we believe this means that the developers are making a prison level for Phasmophobia.

From what we’ve heard, prison seems like a pretty scary place to be under ideal circumstances, so a prison crawling with poltergeists sounds downright terrifying. What kinds of ghosts haunt a prison? They have to be the worst ghosts, right? It’s a troubling theme, though – why would a ghost stick around in a prison anyway? Wouldn’t you want to go, I don’t know, haunt the bus station nearby instead? Maybe a cool old hotel?

All these questions and more will have to wait until the Phasmophobia prison level comes out, and we don’t at this point know when that’s going to happen. As a comment on the image, Kinetic Games tweeted only the letter E.

Fortunately, you can be prepared beforehand by reading our Phasmophobia sanity effects guide, which explains what happens when you hit sanity level 0. You can also practice steeling your nerves by playing one of the other excellent ghost games that are available on PC right now.