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K-pop star Ailee releases new PUBG anthem, “Believe”

The Korean-American singer is a long-time fan of PUBG

As part of the celebration of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ fourth anniversary, popstar Ailee has released a new track based on the battle royale game’s original lobby theme from back in the days of Early Access. ‘Believe’ is featured as the theme song for the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021, which runs through March 28.

As NME reports, Ailee is a long-standing fan of PUBG, often appearing in PUBG cosplay and posting gameplay footage on her popular Twitter and Instagram accounts. “I know I’m a born survivor, there’s no one to rely on, but me, myself, and I,” Ailee sings in the leadup to the chorus. “I believe in me – I’m not a hero, but I’ll never give up till I outrun all my darkest demons.”

There are some clever lines in ‘Believe’ that wryly hint at the stress of battle royale without being overt about videogame fandom. It’s a song that wouldn’t feel out of place in a stadium or blasting out of a car stereo, with Ailee’s soaring vocals and expansive instrumental composition. “Looking over my shoulder praying that I’ll make it” sounds like a sprint away from the blue zone, and “run for cover, it’s danger after danger, don’t know if I’ll last much longer” is clearly about the moment-to-moment action of battle royale, but could just as easily apply to finding your way in life.

Here’s the official lyrics video:

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Season 10 of PUBG ends this week, and there’s new story content to look forward to in Season 11, which will get underway in April. The PGI.S wraps up March 28, and PUBG Corp has been celebrating the tournament with special themed items available in the shop.

Top image credit: Ailee, via Twitter