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Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5 Pass will be cheaper and boost battle pass progression

Siege's Year 5 Pass will only include six new operators, but Ubisoft wants players to feel they've gotten their money's worth

Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 5 will only introduce six new operators, rather than the usual eight. However, Siege’s product director tells us that players who buy the new yearly pass shouldn’t feel ripped off: the Year 5 Pass is cheaper than passes have been before, and it offers some bonuses to go along with Siege’s new battle pass system.

Siege’s Year 5 Pass will come at a reduced price, product director Roy Del Valle tells us, and he confirmed that it will include a 30% discount on the premium track on the new Siege battle pass, as well as a 30% boost to progression through the pass, giving Year 5 Pass holders a significant boost in leveling up their battle passes and collecting the accompanying rewards.

Del Valle says that the new monetisation structure, considering both the new battle pass system and the changes to the yearly pass, winds up benefitting players.

“It’s a system, it’s a monetisation system – no hiding from that, it’s okay,” Del Valle said. “It’s a system that is appreciated by the community … it’s also a system that allows us to get to be a bit more generous.”

Del Valle says the reworked seasonal structure also allows Ubisoft to deliver more narrative within Siege – an idea that makes a lot of sense in the light of Fortnite’s ongoing success with its narrative-driven, seasonal battle pass system.

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