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Redfall requires always-online connection to play, Bethesda confirms

Co-op vampire game Redfall requires a “persistent online connection” even when playing the FPS game alone, Bethesda confirms ahead of the Redfall release date.

Redfall always online - a tall vampire peers down, stretching out its long, clawed fingers

Bethesda confirms that Redfall requires an online connection to play, even if you’re sticking to single-player. The upcoming co-op vampire game promises players the chance to “play solo or squad up to take on deadly vampires,” but developer Arkane, also behind games like Dishonored and Prey, confirms you’ll need to be online at all times even when going it solo once the Redfall release date arrives.

We recently learned that we’ll be able to play Redfall in May courtesy of the Xbox Developer Direct showcase, which precedes an upcoming Starfield showcase for Bethesda’s next mammoth space RPG. Meanwhile, a Redfall FAQ page on Bethesda’s website covers lots of key information, and has been updated to include some additional details regarding the game’s release and what you’ll need to play it.

Among the details disclosed on the FAQ are that you’ll require a Bethesda.net account to play Redfall, will have to link your account to Steam or your Xbox user ID if playing through either of those platforms, and that “A persistent online connection is required for single-player and co-op.” This last detail (spotted by Twitter user DoesItPlay1) is likely to be the most disappointing for some fans, as it will impact those who have spotty connections and just want to play by themselves.

The requirement to be connected to the internet even when playing alone is pretty common in many games nowadays, but it can have impacts on the long-term preservation of games as well as simply being frustrating if you just want to get a bit of solo vampire hunting in while your internet’s on the blink. Fellow co-op FPS game Back 4 Blood also launched without the option to play offline but added a single-player mode down the line, so perhaps Bethesda and Arkane will do the same in the future.

Take a look at the Redfall system requirements to make sure you’re ready to go when the release date rolls around. Arkane says that it considers the gameplay of Redfall more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead, but regardless it’s shaping up to join the ranks of the best co-op games on PC when it arrives.