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How to solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle

The Remnant 2 clock puzzle has a lot of moving parts, but we’re here to help you arrange them in the correct positions to solve it and earn a rare weapon mod.

The Red Prince, a powerful fae that resdes in Losomn and the ruler of the many fae warriors that attempt to halt your progress in the Remnant 2 clock puzzle.

How do I solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle? There are plenty of puzzles that can leave you lost and confused in the realms of Remnant 2, but the clock puzzle is easy to overlook altogether. Not only do you have to battle your way up Morrow Parish’s imposing and dilapidated clock tower, but you also have to travel to a separate area of Losomn entirely in order to solve it.

The journey up the clock tower in Remnant 2 is undoubtedly a tough one, marked by skirmishes with the hostile fae. Once you reach the top, you’ll soon discover the clock mechanism is missing a gear, preventing you from turning its handle to dislodge the Remnant 2 mod from the enormous clock face. Instead, the Remnant 2 clock puzzle requires you to activate the nearby lift and return to ground level, then strike out into another area. Here’s where to go in order to solve it and net a new upgrade for your Remnant 2 weapons.

The Traveler manipulates the handle of the clock mechanism, raising the sandbags of the Remnant 2 clock puzzle that dislodge the weapon mod reward.

How to solve the clock puzzle in Remnant 2

To solve the Remnant 2 clock puzzle, you must retrieve the Clockwork Pinion from the clockmaker’s workshop in Lemark District by matching the time displayed on the house clock to the clock tower, so that the the small hand rests on the eighth large circle and the big hand rests on the tenth small circle.

The Lemark District is a small side area on the Dran side of Losomn containing the clockmaker’s workshop, identified by the overwhelming number of clocks that surround it. The Remnant 2 clock puzzle itself is located above the workbench on the other side of the workshop, with a note nearby indicating that you should ‘look to the tower’ to solve it.

While you could backtrack to the clock tower in Morrow Parish to confirm the time, the hand positions on the clock puzzle remain the same regardless of your playthrough. Simply set the clock to the time shown below.

The Remnant 2 clock puzzle in the correct hand positions, with the little hand resting on the seventh hour and the big hand resting on the twelfth minute.

Completing the Remnant 2 clock puzzle rewards you with the Clockwork Pinion – the missing gear required to fix the clock tower. Return to Morrow Parish and use the lift to return to the top of the tower, then insert the Clockwork Pinion into the clock mechanism and turn the handle. This will allow you to retrieve the Broken Timpiece, a crafting material that’s required to create the Time Lapse weapon mod.

Congratulations, you’ve solved the Remnant 2 clock puzzle! The RPG game’s puzzles can be as tough as its bosses, so be sure to bookmark the solutions to the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle and Water Harp, which are both indispensable when exploring Yaesha. Our Remnant 2 review also delves into our own exploration of Losomn, Ayesha, and other realms.