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How to solve the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle

The Remnant 2 plinth puzzle bars your way into the inner sanctum of The Lament, and requires memorizing symbols in the Yaesha crypt in order to solve it.

Remnant 2 plinth puzzle: The Handler, one of the five Archetypes in Remnant 2, wearing his trademark cap and denim jacket, stares grimly into the distance.

How do I solve the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle? This fiendishly difficult puzzle can be found in The Lament, an optional area that branches off from the Faithless Thicket in Yaesha. This aptly named side dungeon is filled with deadly traps, ceremonial sarcophagi, and plenty of loot for you and your co-op partners to kit yourselves out with along the way.

However, your progress through to The Lament’s inner sanctum is barred by the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle. This mechanical cypher consists of four concentric circles adorned with various symbols. These symbols correspond to those that appear above the mummified remains of the Pan, laid to rest on the rows of stone altars that appear on both the upper and lower floor. Your Remnant 2 weapons and mods won’t be of much use here, but never fear  we’ve got the solution to this tricky puzzle.

The Remnant 2 plinth puzzle, depicting four concentric circles adorned with ten symbols each atop a golden plinth.

Remnant 2 plinth puzzle solution

To solve the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle, you must first consult the journal in the collapsed section of the crypt to find the pattern on the first page. Locate the four mummies with the corresponding pattern on their burial blankets, and align the blue symbols that appear above them on the plinth.

The book that contains one of the major clues in the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle, depicting the symbol on the corresponding burial blankets.

Thankfully, the symbols don’t need to be in any particular order; once they’re aligned on the four rings of the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle, the door will open, allowing you deeper into The Lament. Continue past the checkpoint to pick up the Blood Tinged Ring, which increases your invulnerability window while evading and sliding.

With the Remnant 2 plinth puzzle solution in your grasp, you should have no trouble forging on through The Lament. Once you’ve finished exploring the optional areas of Yaesha, be sure to find out how to solve the Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle to access the Ravager’s Lair. That said, before you take on this fearsome Remnant 2 boss, we highly recommend kitting yourself out with the best Remnant 2 traits and mods to help you survive the fight.