How to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader class

Here are the many steps to unlocking the secret Remnant 2 Invader archetype, one of an array of hidden classes in addition to the starting five.

The Remnant 2 Invader, a secret unlockable archetype, wearing alien-looking, biomech armor.

How do you unlock the Remnant 2 Invader class? It’s already hard enough to choose between the five starting archetypes in Remnant 2, but even when you’ve finally settled on one or two to pick, there are a bunch more to discover hidden in the game, just to make it that much difficult to settle on your perfect character. The Invader is just one of those, and we’ve got all the steps to get it below.

Picking classes is often one of the hardest parts about starting a new game, and Remnant 2 is no different. Well, it is actually, but only in the sense that there are even more classes to choose from as you progress. The further you explore and the more Remnant 2 bosses you defeat, the more archetype engrams you can uncover. One of those is the Invader class, so here’s our step by step guide on how find it in Remnant 2.

The Remnant 2 Invader archetype character creation screen, showing the player in a full-coverage, alien tech set of armor.

How to unlock the Invader class in Remnant 2

To get the Invader class in Remnant 2, you must visit Losomn and collect the Wooden Shiv by following these steps:

  • You must have access to Morrow Parish in Losomn (you may need to reroll your campaign).
  • Locate the Morrow Sanatorium, and find the three Stone-Carved Dolls scattered throughout the asylum, and retrieve the Prison Cell Key from the third floor balcony.
  • Retrieve the Soulkey Tribute from the Nightweaver’s victim during your initial close encounter, and offer it up to the strange web back in the asylum basement.
  • Give the dolls to the detained Head Doctor in the basement of the asylum, and unlock her cell to collect the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  • Now in the Dream World, use the statue on another cobweb inside a cell in the Tormented Asylum to obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon.

That is it until you reach Root Earth, at which point you can continue:

  • Locate the main ship in the Corrupted Harbor.
  • Enter the ship and look for the Escalation Protocol Amulet.
  • Use the Dreamcatcher on the creature holding the amulet to obtain the Walker’s Dream item.
  • Use Walker’s Dream to enter the Twilight Valley and defeat the Bane boss to receive the Wooden Shiv.

Remnant 2 Invader archetype: The trade screen for Wallace, showing the vendor himself and the craftable serrated root blade: the invader engram.

Once you have the Wooden Shiv, simply take the item to Wallace back at Ward 13, who will craft the Invader archetype engram.

Here are the Serrated Root Blade crafting materials:

  • Wooden Shiv
  • 1,000 Scrap
  • Ten Luminite Crystals

Then, like with any of the other archetype emblems, you can equip it in your character screen to use the archetype.

Remnant 2 Invader skills and perks

Invader skills

  • Void Cloak – Automatically dodge direct damage for a time. Each auto-evade reduces the timer based on damage prevented, and spawns a decoy for a few seconds.
  • Worm Hole – Causes your next melee or ranged attack within five seconds to deal 300% damage. Hold the button to show a targeting device, which warps the user to behind the target when used.
  • Reboot – Initiates a backup of your current health, stamina, relic charges, ammo, and negative status effects for a short time, during which time your movement speed and damage reduction are slightly increased. Reactivating the skill restored your values to those saved, and spawn a decoy for three seconds.

Invader perks

  • Shadow – Spawns a decoy when any skill is used. While the decoy is present, you deal 5% more damage to enemies targeting others
  • Override – Using a relic temporarily reduces Threat Generation. While active, the next evade leaves an Empowered Decoy for a few seconds.
  • Circumvent – Reduce the stamina cost of evade and combat slide.
  • Loophole – All ally ranged and melee damage against any enemies who are distracted by your decoy grant a small amount of base damage as Lifesteal.
  • S.H.A.R.K – Sprinting or evading adds a stack of momentum, increasing ranged and melee damage.

Invader archetype trait

  • Untouchable – Increases evade window by 3%.

Now you know how to obtain the Remnant 2 Invader archetype, it’s only going to add to your choice of which classes to equip – sorry about that. We’re sure you’ll find what’s best for you though, but if you’re struggling, hopefully our Remnant 2 classes tier list can help. For some other hidden archetypes, check out how to unlock the Summoner class, and the Engineer class, you know, to make that choice even harder.