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How to use the Remnant 2 Nightweaver Stone Doll

The Remnant 2 Nightweaver Stone Doll is crucial for unlocking one of the game’s many classes, but since it’s a bit tricky to use, here’s what you need to know.

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Stone Doll: A grey stone carved figure on a black background.

Where do you use the Remnant 2 Nightweaver Stone Doll? It’s a good question, especially if you’ve come across the item yourself at random. It has a very good use though, so we’ve done the hunting around for you to tell you what the stone doll does, and where to use it.

The Nightweaver Stone Doll is required to unlock one of the secret Remnant 2 classes: the Invader. Not only is it a bit of a convoluted process to find the doll, but then it’s not even immediately obvious where or how to use it when you’ve got it. This Remnant 2 item is required for unlocking an important Remnant 2 weapon, which might come in handy when taking on some of the game’s worst bosses. If you haven’t got the doll yet, follow our Remnant 2 Invader class guide, for all the steps to obtaining it.

The cobweb blockade on which you can use the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

How to use the Nightweaver Stone Doll

With the Nightweaver Stone Doll in your inventory, head into the Dream World using the Soulkey Tribute and place it in the strange web in the Head Doctor’s cell to obtain the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.

To access the Dream World, retrieve the Soulkey Tribute from the corpse that appears during your first encounter with the Nightweaver as you explore Losomn. The Soulkey Tribute allows you to pass through the cobweb portal in the asylum basement and enter the Dream World.

Once in the alternate plane of the Tormented Asylum, find the open cell where you first obtained the doll in the ‘real’ world and place the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the web inside to receive the Dreamcatcher, an impressive melee weapon that’s required to to obtain the Invader engram.

So that’s how you use the Remnant 2 Nightweaver Stone Doll. Once you’ve used the Dreamcatcher to unlock the Invader, you might want to get some of the other hidden classes too, like the Remnant 2 Summoner class, or the very cool Engineer. All of them have their own Remnant 2 traits, and can completely change gameplay, so finding the right archetype for you is essential.