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How to unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class

The Remnant 2 Summoner archetype is a secret pet class that makes use of the mysterious Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha, and opens up bold new build possibilities.

The Traveler gazes at the viewer, curly hair falling across her face, primed and ready to become a Remnant 2 Summoner.

How do I unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner? If you’re looking for a more dedicated pet class than the Handler, then the Summoner archetype is the answer to your prayers. This secret class can only be unlocked by exploring the expansive worlds of Remnant 2, and it’s easy to reach the end credits without encountering it whatsoever. Thankfully, we’ve drawn up a step-by-step process – it’s much more straightforward than it seems.

There are a total of five Remnant 2 archetypes available from the outset of the action-adventure game, but the Remnant 2 Summoner class is a perfect addition to that roster. It requires you to head to Yaesha, so if you’re still yet to access the realm of the Ravager but desperate for a class change, you might wish to perform a campaign reroll. Regardless, here’s how to unlock the Summoner class in Remnant 2.

The Bloodmoon Altar's list of purchasable items, including the Faded Grimoire required to become the Remnant 2 Summoner.

How to unlock the Summoner class in Remnant 2

To unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class, purchase the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha and take it to Wallace in Ward 13.

The Bloodmoon Altar appears in Yaesha regardless of your latest campaign reroll, though you may have to battle through several Remnant 2 bosses in order to find it. It contains several purchasable items, including Remnant 2 weapons and armor, all at different values.

The Faded Grimoire costs 15 Bloodmoon Essence, which can be acquired by shooting down the floating pink orbs that appear across. These orbs only appear during a blood moon phase – which occurs randomly as you explore – so be sure to stock up on them whenever they appear.

After you retrieve the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar, return to Ward 13 and hand it over to Wallace to craft into the Tome of the Bringer engram.

Here are the Tome of Bringer crafting materials:

  • Faded Grimoire
  • 1,000 Scrap
  • Ten Luminite Crystals

You can equip this engram in the same fashion as you would for Remnant 2 dual archetypes – simply open the ‘Character’ menu and add it to your preferred slot.

Remnant 2 Summoner skills and perks

Summoner skills

  • Minion: Hollow – Summons a Root Hollow minion. Costs 15% of max health to summon, but will not kill the Summoner. Maximum of two Root Hollow minions at any one time. When sacrificed, the Root Hollow minion explodes, dealing 150% damage within two meters and reducing skill cooldown by up to 50% based on the remaining health of each Root Hollow minion sacrificed.
  • Minion: Flyer – Summons a Root Flyer minion. Costs 10% of max health to summon, but will not kill the Summoner. Maximum of two Flyer minions can be summoned. When sacrificed, the Flyer minion deals 50 damage within three meters and spawns three homing projectiles which explode on contact for 150 damage each.
  • Minion: Reaver – Summons a Root Reaver Minion. Costs 35% of Max Health to summon, but will not kill the Summoner. A maximum of one Reaver minion can be summoned. When sacrificed, the Root Reaver minion deals 200 damage within six meters and spawns Spore Bombs which bounced and explode on contact for 200 damage each. It also reduces skill cooldown by up to 50% based on the remaining health of the Reaver minion.

Summoner perks

  • Ruthless – When the Summoner deals damage to their minion, it causes them to Enrage. Minions gain 30%-50% increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
  • Dominator – Increases mod and skill damage by 3.5% while a minion is active. Sacrificing a minion increases ranged and melee damage by 3% for 30 seconds or until another minion is summoned. Increases with Summoner level.
  • Residue – Minions that expire leave a 3 meter aura which heals 2.5% health per second. Lasts ten seconds.
  • Outrage – Sacrifice grants 3% lifesteal for each minion sacrificed. Lasts ten seconds.
  • Incite – Using a relic grants minions 5% max HP per second, and increases their damage dealt by 15%. Lasts 30 seconds.

Summoner archetype trait

  • Regrowth  Increases health regen by 0.15 seconds per trait point, which is a literal lifesaver given that summoning minions requires a sacrifice to your health

Once you unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class, it’ll be available to choose from the selection of archetypes in character creation, so you don’t have to worry about repeating these steps in additional playthroughs. We recommend checking over your Remnant 2 traits – if they’re no longer synergizing well, you can always perform a trait points reset. The Remnant 2 Summoner class gives you some backup outside of Remnant 2 co-op, but we’ve also got a guide on how to change difficulty if you’re still having trouble.