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2023’s best co-op game surges on Steam thanks to excellent new DLC

New Remnant 2 DLC The Forgotten Kingdom is out now and has more than doubled the player count of my favorite co-op shooter from 2023.

New Remnant 2 DLC The Forgotten Kingdom boosts player count amid Steam sale - A cracked, pale mask of a human face.

From Baldur’s Gate 3 to Diablo 4 and Lethal Company, 2023 was a banner year for the best co-op games on PC. Among all the fantastic options, however, Remnant 2 is the clear winner for me. The soulslike-infused third-person shooter built on the underrated first game, delivering a magnificent sequel packed with memorable encounters and a hoard of loot. Now, the launch of new Remnant 2 DLC The Forgotten Kingdom has seen its player count more than double again on Steam, and a hefty discount means you can join the action for cheap.

The Forgotten Kingdom is the second Remnant 2 DLC of a planned three-stage initial run, and focuses on the forest world of Yaesha. I’ve already plowed a good number of hours into it with a friend, and so far it builds on the already high standard set by the first DLC, The Awakened King. If you’re already a Remnant 2 fan, it’s certainly worth coming back for – and if you’re yet to try one of the best co-op games around or need to sell your friends on joining you, the hefty Steam sale right now is a great chance to do so.

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Along with all the new story content and a whole wealth of new Remnant 2 weapons, items, and of course plenty of rings, The Forgotten Kingdom also lets you unlock the ability to become an Invoker, the latest addition to the ever-growing roster of Remnant 2 archetypes. Wielding elemental destruction at their fingertips, the Invoker’s signature feature is that you get double skill charges for both it and your second equipped archetype, alongside reduced skill cooldowns, making it an excellent option to pair with the Ritualist class from the first DLC.

Much like The Awakened King, this newest DLC features some really pleasing level design – leaning into more sprawling, intricate maps with a variety of paths to explore and a lot of secrets buried just under the surface if you do a little scratching. There are some interesting new enemy interactions to puzzle out, such as the flowers that seem to make your foes more vulnerable when hit, and I’ve already met a couple of very fun new Remnant 2 bosses in my first few hours of play.

If all this has you wanting to jump back in, you’ll be in good company. In just its first few hours after the add-on’s launch, the Remnant 2 player count on Steam has peaked at 10,752 – more than double the highest it’s seen in the past month, and a level it hasn’t reached since January. It’s likely to climb even higher throughout the week as more people get the chance to dive into the new DLC, much as we saw for The Awakened King, along with newcomers taking advantage of a big discount available right now on the Valve store.

Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom - Two players fight 'The Stonewarden, a boss in the new DLC for the co-op shooter.

Remnant 2 is on sale at a 40% discount on Steam until Monday April 29. That means you’ll pay just $29.99 / £25.19 for the base edition, or $41.99 / £35.39 for the ultimate edition, which includes access to the two currently released expansions and a third set to arrive later this year. Subscribers to PC Game Pass can also play Remnant 2 at no additional cost via the included game library, although you’ll still have to purchase the DLC to play that.

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